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Since You’re Buying, Why Not Buy New?

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At some point in their lives, most people want to buy a home of their own. This was part of the American dream, beginning right after the Second World War, and has remained the same for these generations who have come after.

Not only do most people want a home of their own, nearly half of those seeking to buy a home would prefer to purchase one in which no one had ever lived in. When they look for houses for sale, most shoppers at least want to consider new homes, if at all possible.

For people who have owned homes previously and are looking to move into something larger, luxury homes are no longer out of the picture. Luxury houses, luxury townhouses, or really any kind of luxury real estate is being built all over the country. In many of these new communities build around luxury homes, there are a number of amenities that make one of these communities very appealing.

For example, making a community that is walkable is a very big deal to many new home buyers. In a survey from the Urban Land Institue, exactly half of the respondents reported that walkability is a very important thing for them when considering what new home to buy. That is a factor that has become relatively significant in the past 15 to 20 years and is still gaining momentum as an important piece of the home shopping puzzle.

The home buying process can be rather long and arduous. It takes some investigating by not only you but the people you bring on board to help you with this purchase. It is, after all, the biggest purchase you are likely to make in your life. It has to begin somewhere, though.

Whether you are looking at townhouses or luxury homes, taking that step forward is the only way to start. A poll conducted by showed that 73% of people looking for a home to buy had started less than three months prior. Some start and give up. Some start and change their minds. Some start out strong and know exactly what they are looking for.

People buy their homes for all kinds of different reasons. For that matter, people are selling their homes for all kinds of different reasons. All that matters is finding the seller who has a property that the buyer really wants to buy.

You are never quite able to say when there will be plenty of inventory in the housing market or when there will be a shortage. These trends come and go, sometimes quickly, sometimes it takes a while for the market to bend. The smartest thing any home buyer can do, whether they are shopping for luxury homes or smaller, single-family homes, is to surround themselves with professionals in the industry.

Surround yourself with people who can help you assess where you are and how your home-buying goals match up with your realities. If you know straight away how much you qualify for should you need a mortgage, you can get a much better feel for the type of house you will be able to put a bid on.

Once you have made an offer, you need someone to help you negotiate that offer. Once the offer os accepted, you need help with the inspections and certificates you will need, depending, of course, on what state you live in. Then, finally, the closing itself. You always want someone who is representing your interests in the deal. You can be sure the seller has someone on their side.

Buying a home is an amazing event. Being able to do such a thing is a gift of the American Dream. It is what people have dreamt of in this country since before it was formed. If you are buying, do your homework. You will have the rest of your life to live but how many times will you be able to buy a home? You certainly have only one chance to be a first-time homebuyer.

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