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The Benefits of Buying (Not Building) a Custom House

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Are you tired of shopping through old houses with a little too much rustic charm, but don’t quite want to put the time and money into building a custom house? Custom built new homes for sale might be exactly the solution you’re looking for!

It might seem odd to buy a house that someone else designed specifically for themselves, but it’s actually not nearly as unusual as you might think. Professionals relocate for jobs, families with college-bound children find themselves with too much space, and some people just want a change of scenery.

Regardless, custom homes are becoming increasingly prevalent in the housing market as the first wave of builders moves on, and there are plenty of reasons to spring on one as soon as you can.

When buying custom built homes, you get the comfort and quality of a newly built home without having to wait to move in or pay for construction costs. They also have less wear and tear than previously built homes because the previous homeowner would have no need to remodel or alter their house.

Because each of the new homes for sale was built with a specific client in mind, new custom homes actually sell for very reasonable prices, even though they’re value is often over a million dollars. A real estate agent that specializes in custom luxury homes will usually be able to use their familiarity with the custom home market to find or negotiate the best deal for you.

Custom houses are also built to adhere to current building codes and are often 17% more energy efficient than older homes, saving you the cost of having to repair or rewire to save money on electricity. Most of the time, you’ll also be purchasing a great location in a beautiful new neighborhood, since luxury homes are built on prime pieces of real estate.

If this appeals to you, it might be time to leave those baby boomer ranches and peeling colonials behind and check out custom-built new homes for sale!
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