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The first thing any story tells you is where you are in the world. Setting is an extremely important element of storytelling, so why shouldn’t it be just as important in real life? When thinking of any event, whether it’s planning a corporate event or planning your fairy tale wedding, picking the place is the most important part!

If you’re planning a wedding, of course you’ll want the best venue available. Most couples start looking for venues as soon as the engagement begins. This is often nine months to a year before the actual event. Beautiful wedding places aren’t extremely difficult to find, but they do go fast! Normally, the majority of couples research their venues online before booking the space in person, but the in person visit is crucial! Photos are a good indicator of what the space will look like, but if you don’t visit in person before booking the venue then you may end up with something that strays from the perfect image in your head.

The first step in picking any venue is deciding what you want! When planning a corporate event, you might want a hotel conference room, or a cheap banquet hall. If you’re planning a wedding, however, you may look for event venues with outdoor spaces, such as a country club or a resort. With June being the most popular month to get married, it makes sense that most couples want spaces with a nice outdoor setting. In this case, however, it’s beneficial to have a backup, indoor portion of the venue. Guests may want to sit inside for a cocktail hour or to get out of the heat, and you might too!

If you’re not looking for anything fancy like a resort, most local hotels offer cheap banquet halls and ballrooms for wedding receptions. These packages often include an open bar and enough space for all of your guests, as well! Setting is important, but your perfect event will be remembered for the fun times, too! Making sure your venue is a space where you and your guests will be comfortable is key to planning any event.

So don’t leave your venue to the last minute, because the perfect place is out there and it’s waiting for you!

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