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Solving Your Sleeping Problems With an Adjustable Mattress

Adjustable bed mattresses

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that most adults need 7?9 hours of sleep per night, although individual variations exist. (U.S. CDC). This is a great idea, but what about those adults who have trouble getting to and then staying asleep? Sleep is an important part of anyone?s day, and lack of it can cause health problems, mood changes and lack of productivity and energy all day. There are many reasons that someone might have trouble sleeping; sleep disorders, anxiety, children, and temperature of the room, chronic pain or even stress. All of these things can further be aggravated by a poor mattress. Mattresses have come a long way in the past few years, offering many options for comfort while sleeping and relaxation.

Many people share their beds with a partner. The different partners might have different preferences or needs when it comes to a mattress. This is where an adjustable mattress becomes handy. An adjustable bed allows each partner to choose the temperature, the positioning and the softness/hardness of the mattress. The ability to choose between these options often ensures greater sleep quality. It also allows the person to choose their mattress settings based on their specific needs, even assisting in the comfort with some medical needs. The heating of the mattress can be beneficial to arthritic and join issues, while the adjustable height of the mattress can help with problem snoring. Snoring is a common problem amongst all ages and both genders, and it affects approximately 90 million American adults ? 37 million on a regular basis. (National Sleep Foundation). Additionally, problem snoring can provide a problem and sleeplessness for a partner.

A large CDC survey of over 74,000 people published in 2011 found that 35% of responders reported sleeping less than 7 hours per night on average. (Huffington Post, 2015). This number would be less prevalent with the use of a therapeutic bed that with an adjustable mattress to rule out any sleep problems. A comfortable mattress will ensure that users are in a great position and of a good temperature all night, reducing the amount of times awaken and the amount of time taken to fall asleep.

Bed comfort is important for many reasons
. Less sleep throughout the night can cause negative effects, both short-term and long-term. An adjustable mattress can assist with many of the problems that cause sleeplessness. With the many settings that are now available, every user will find the perfect mattress for their individual needs.

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