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Save on Your Wedding with the Right Venue

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Weddings are meant to be about a couple and their families joining together for life, but really, the most important part of planning a wedding is money. They are notoriously expensive and since they are an event that is assumed will happen only once in a lifetime, people pull out all the stops. When else will you be able to justify buying six crates of white doves or renting a seven foot chocolate fountain? The point is though, weddings are pretty costly, and with the divorce rate what it is you might not want to break the bank paying for your first wedding.

In 2012, Americans spent an average of $13,106 on their weddings. The most expensive part of the bill is the venue, so finding alternative places to have a wedding reception is a good way to save yourself some money. Beautiful wedding places aren’t just in huge grand halls or the best ballrooms that you’ll have to pay too much for and wait over a year before you can reserve a date.

One of the least expensive places to have a wedding reception is in your own backyard. You can opt to have the ceremony itself in a rented location, but bringing your friends and family home with you is less expensive and allows for a more intimate and comfortable party.
One option for romantic wedding places is also outdoors, and also free if you know someone who has a plot of land. You can have a wedding in the woods, which is becoming increasingly popular these days. Outdoor wedding places can save you on decor as well because of the natural scenery.

About a quarter of couples pay for their weddings themselves, and if you’re one of them you’re probably looking for ways to cut corners on your wedding bill. The easiest part of the budget to skimp on is finding the right (free) places for a wedding reception. Read more:

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