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Save Money on Your Heating Bill With Proper HVAC Maintenance

Adequate air conditioning and ventilation are critical in ensuring you achieve properly regulated temperatures and a clean airflow on your property, whether residential or commercial. You can be sure of hitting the two goals only by having a reliable and functional HVAC unit. This consideration is critical if you already have such a system on your property. It is vital to procure AC repair services if your system does not function as intended. Fortunately, you cannot exhaust your options when selecting the best service provider. On the flip side, it would be high time to visit the market and get an air conditioner system for your needs. You can visit an AC condenser unit home depot to find a product that will satisfy your requirements regarding your budget and the system’s functionality and durability.

Working with HVAC professionals is one of the best alternatives to handling the entire process on your own. These experts understand the market and offer sound guidance, including helping calculate the average AC cooling and heating price. Additionally, most contractors will work on other areas of your property that require their services, like repairing and fixing the AC cooling vent. However, you should play your part to ensure you understand the basics of the project. Searching for AC cooling and heating near me will land you the best contractors and products to keep your residential or commercial property in its best condition.

Whether you crank up the air conditioning in the dog days or summer or turn up the heat in the bitter cold of winter, everyone loves the ability to control their home heating and cooling system.

Air conditioning is used in the United States more than all other nations combined. Eighty four percent of all homes in the United States have some sort of air conditioning. When it comes to energy use, heating and cooling account for 48 percent of the energy use in a typical home.

But all that use of air conditioning for home cooling comes with a cost. The U.S. Department of Energy says that anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of the energy used in the heating and cooling of a home is wasted. The energy is wasted do in part to contaminants in the HVAC system, causing it to work harder.

The Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is one that combines all three functions or buildings and homes. Air pollutants and contaminants like dust and dander and chemicals are pulled into an HVAC system constantly and recirculated five to seven days. As it continues, the recirculation causes a buildup in the duct work, ultimately causing harm to the residents living in a home.

Having a proper heating and cooling system in a home and can save a good deal of money for the average homeowner in several ways:

  • A programmable thermostat can save up to $180 in air conditioning costs each year.
  • Homes that adjust thermostats by 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day can have energy savings of up to 10 percent annually, according to estimates from the Department of Energy.
  • Each degree you drop your thermostat in the winter will save a minimum of three percent on a heating bill, according to the Department of Energy.

It’s important to have HVAC system inspections twice a year. The average HVAC unit last 12 years and proper inspections are of great value to home owners and can alert homeowners to other home repairs that may be needed.

The average HVAC inspection costs a little over $300 and can run a little higher on the high end to about $475. Verifying the cost of an HVAC inspection is important and online quotes don’t always match up with the actual cost of the inspection.
HVAC companies may vary in their process for checking a home’s HVAC system, but the inspection generally includes some of the following:

  • testing of safety controls
  • testing gas pressure and piping
  • inspection of blower components
  • testing for correct air flow
  • calibrating the thermostat
  • checking the air filter
  • inspecting the condition of equipment
  • inspecting electrical connections
  • inspecting temperate differentiations

There are many other steps that may be included in an HVAC inspection, but HVAC companies usually provide a complete report to give homeowners a detailed look at how their HVAC system is functioning.

Whether you live in Las Vegas or in the mountains of Colorado, a proper inspection of your HVAC system is paramount. Some HVAC experts estimate that as many as 75 percent of no-heat calls in the middle of winter are related to not keeping up with maintenance. The same importance can be placed on no-air conditioning issues which can prove challenging an areas with warmer temperatures.

Twice yearly inspections of HVAC systems are important as a lack of proper maintenance can cause problems in a home, result in higher utility bills and potentially cause health issues for residents. A proper inspection, done by a reputable company, can ensure improved home efficiency and potentially eliminate other repairs tied to a lack of HVAC maintenance. HVAC companies do a thorough inspection, checking all the parts of your HVAC system and providing you with an accurate quote.

If a HVAC inspection or HVAC repair might be in your future, can provide a list of HVAC service companies in your area and can also answer questions homeowners may have about an inspection. Angie’s List can also help in a search for an HVAC company.

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