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Reasons to Wear Your Onesies with Pride

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Do you have a pair of onesies? Maybe you have more than one pair. Maybe you saw the big onesie pajama party at the South by Southwest music festival in 2012. Steve Pandi from Jumpin Jammerz had the largest party for people wearing adult pajamas, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. They called it the “Largest Footed Pajama Party.” You saw that 309 people showed up. It had 309 attendees all dressed in onesie pajamas for adults. You thought they only made kid pajamas onesies. You were wrong. Here are some reason wearing one is something you should really consider.

  • They are unbelievably comfortable. When you wear pajama onesies for adults, you are surrounded by softness. They come in general cotton, flannel and even silk. If you are looking for something great to wear when lounge around the house, you probably could not ask for something more comfortable to curl up on the couch in as you sit in front of the fire drinking hot chocolate. In a lot of ways they are full body sweatpants. Now you know why children are so fond of their kid pajamas onesies.
  • You will blow people away with your creativity. Now that you have been bold enough to wear your adult pajama onesies around the house, you should really try to venture outside in them. If you think about it, it only makes sense. When pajamas were first introduced to England in the 17th century, they did not stay locked in bedrooms to be worn only at night. They were considered to be loungewear, not sleepwear. When you go out to get your morning coffee and you are wearing your pajama onesies for adults, your friends and neighbors will think you are an educated trendsetter. You are a nonconformist who is not bound by the convention to wear “daywear.”
  • Getting dressed is hard. It sure is not hard with onesie pajamas. With other kinds of clothes, you have more than one thing to put one, for starters. In today’s busy world, you have places to go and people to see. You do not have time to button a bunch of stuff. Plus there is the whole idea of matching your clothing. Who needs all that hassle? With onesie pajamas, you are all ‘one and done.” Again, this is why children are always asking to go outside in their kid pajamas onesies. Why should they have all of the fun?

In all seriousness, pajama onesies for adults are fun. They add some whimsy to life. They bring people back to when they were children and wore their kids pajamas onesies. The party at Austin’s South by Southwest was not the only party thrown in these kinds of pajamas. People throw all sorts of parties with their attendees all wearing this kind of clothing.

In addition to parties in these kinds of pajamas, by the time the South by Southwest gathering was held, the adult onesie pajamas fad has been going for about 11 years. Television shows like “CSI:Las Vegas” and “MadTV” started featuring characters in the adult footed pajamas as early as 2001. Jumpin Jammerz was even able to get their product into gift bags at the Oscars and Emmys in 2007. A sketch with James Franco wearing different pajama onesies for adults appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in 2009.

Whether you are talking about pajama onesies for adults or kid pajamas onesies, no one can ever tell you that they are not super fun, super comfortable and can be worn anywhere and everywhere you want to go. If you want to go for coffee, you can wear your footed pajamas for adults. If you want to emulate your favorite reality TV family, the Kardashians, your pajama onesies for adult can help you do that. Whatever you want to do in these pajamas, you can go ahead and do it.


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