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If You’ve Made Your Bed and Must Lie in It, Make Sure You Have the Right Bedding

Kids fitted sheets

Having a clean comfortable bed is something everyone wants, but how to get that may differ from person to person. For many people, comfortable sheets and pillowcases is enough. For babies, kids and people with special needs, more specialized solutions, such as a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector, may be necessary.

A big part of the comfort factor in your bed is due to the thread count of your sheets. Thread counts literally count the number of threads in each square inch of fabric. At a basic level, the higher the thread count, the better and more comfortable the sheet is, but there can be exceptions. Thread counts typically have to deal with softness, with the higher thread count being softer. However, sheets with higher thread counts also can be heavier and denser. If you want a soft sheet that is lighter, you might want to strive for 400 thread count sheets. If you want soft and heavy, you would want an 800 thread count sheet.

Sheet material also has a huge effect on comfort. Satin sheets tend to be softer than linen and cooler than flannel. A good everyday sheet is one made out of cotton. Many people change by season, going with lighter sheets in the warmer months and heavier sheets in the colder months.

While having the right sheets can be all most people need to ensure they are comfortable in bed, it’s not as easy for everyone. For small children and adults with incontinence problems, the key to comfort can be staying dry and avoiding stains and odor. Waterproof sheets and a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector can both help to ensure that those with incontinence problems can stay dry and comfortable in bed. You may not be able to find these accessories in a department store and you may need to go to a store that specializes in bedding for children or — for adults — a medical supply store.

Whatever your bedding needs, whether it’s protective pillowcases, waterproof fitted sheets or some other important specialized accessory, you need to make sure you go to the right place. For regular bedding, most department or discount stores will suffice. For more specialized bedding needs, a bed or mattress store or a medical supply store likely is your best bet.

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