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Pros and Cons of Metal Roof Installation

Finding a team to manage the care and upkeep of your home’s roofing system is a big part of good home maintenance and management. Professional residential roofers can help keep any roofing system in good working order and can also assist with more involved repairs and installation projects as well.

Roofing contractors can help you figure out the average cost to redo a roof like yours, so you know how much to budget for the project. They can also help you with calculating the average cost to reroof a home like yours and what you can and cannot afford to do. Additionally, a good contractor can get the best materials at the best prices, so you can get a lower average cost to roof a 1000 square foot house than if you were trying to do it on your own.

There are many factors that go into the average cost to roof a home. Local roofing experts can help explain these factors to you and help you see which one shave a direct impact on what your new roof may end up costing you. Call your local roofing company today and find a contractor who can meet your specific wants and needs!

Having a roof that needs to be completely replaced can be extremely costly, but it is important to have it done as soon as possible. When a roof is in such bad condition, it can let in water, and that water can cause untold destruction to the house. Getting your roofing installation done can take several days and perhaps longer. Be sure that you make yourself available for questions when you have the roofers at your home. Roofing can be complicated, and there may be aspects of it that the roofing company didn’t expect.

The roofing company that you hire should know the best way to remove shingles from roof as well as knowing how to work effectively so that the roofing job doesn’t drag on too long. Many people wonder, can you do your own roof? While it is legal to do so, you likely don’t have all of the skills and experience needed to know the best way to shingle a roof. And, a roof done badly can be very costly to have redone. After your new roof is installed, the before and after roof images will be quite different from each other. It can also raise the overall value of your home.

Many people underestimate the importance of a roof on a building. After all, it is very easy to take for granted. Usually, people do not have problems with a roof, so they do not spend a lot of time thinking about it. However, if there is a problem with the roof, people will realize very quickly just how important it is. For example, if the roof starts to leak, people will realize just how important it is to have a functional roof that keeps out precipitation from outside. Additionally, the roof can help protect the building against intruders who might otherwise enter through the top. This is why roofing services can be extremely important; you should have professionals on hand who are able to deal with any problems that might arise with the roof.

In some cases, you might want to have the roof replaced entirely. You might wonder in this situation, about how much does a new roof cost? The approx cost of new roof is a very important thing to keep in mind when you are trying to undertake this project, because you want to make sure that you are able to afford what you are spending. This is why it would be a good idea to keep in mind certain prices, such as the architectural roof cost or asphalt paper roof cost.

Metal roofs are increasingly gaining popularity for their many benefits. Aside from improving the visual appeal of a home, metal roofing is cost-effective in the long-run. With its durability, its ability to withstand harsh conditions, and its multiple color options, metal roof demand has increased globally. Compared to other roofing materials, homes with metal roofing have higher resale values.

The metal roof installation process can be quite complex, so you will need the services of a professional. It could either be residential roofing services or commercial, depending on your needs. There are different types of metal roofing and materials to consider. For instance, laying roofing felt is a popular material for flat roofs like garden shades. Metal roofs could be made of steel, aluminum, tin, or copper. Aluminum, for example, is suitable for coastal regions because of its anti-corrosive properties. It is, however, expensive compared to steel.

Metal roofs are relatively expensive compared to other roofing materials. It is therefore recommended that you get an estimate from a qualified contractor. Make sure to factor in removing the old roof, materials to replace roof, disposing of old material, and installing the metal roof. For individuals thinking about alternative electricity sources like solar panels, installation with metal roofs is relatively easy. To save on costs, consider installing a new roof and solar at the same time.

Roofing companies

Are you researching steel roofing contractors? Using steel roofing contractors to install metal roofing is a really sound choice. There are a lot advantages to having steal or aluminum roofing, and like all things, there are also disadvantages. If you’re on the fence about it, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons to help you decide:

Pros and Cons to Metal Roof Installation

  • PRO: A metal roof lasts forever.

    If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you can expect it to last you about one to two decades. That’s not too shabby, but the roofs that are installed by qualified steel roofing contractors really blows that figure out of the water. If installed properly (hence: you should only use qualified and licensed aluminum or steel roofing contractors to install your roof), a good metal roof will last 70 years, or longer!
  • CON: A metal roof costs a lot of precious metal.
    If you are looking for the least expensive option to put a top on your home immediately, with not consideration for how long it will last or how much money you’ll need to spend on maintenance, a metal roof is probably not the way to go. While a metal roof will easily last three of four times the lifespan of its less expensive counterparts, it also costs the equivalent more to have it installed. Basically, if you’re just trying to get your home up to par so you can sell it and never look back, a metal roof isn’t your most economical choice.

    That being said, since a metal roof doesn’t require any of the maintenance costs that a shingle roof needs, and lasts a lot longer, if you’re going to be staying in your home for a while, the cost makes up for itself in the long run.
  • PRO: A metal roof can withstand anything.

    One of the biggest culprits that bring shingle roofs to an early grave is damage from weather. You get a particularly windy storm, and those bad boys say, “Adios Amigos!” on their way out the door. On top of that, asphalt shingles are vulnerable to cracking or corroding in particularly hot or cold temperatures. If water accumulates on your roof, they are prone to rot and leak.

    On the other hand, metal roofs are built like a rock. A good metal roof can remain unphased by winds as high as 140 mph (to put that in perspective, a serious tornado can throw winds up to 112 mph). Metal roofs are also impenetrable by water and extreme temperatures.
  • CON: Metal roofs are noisy.

    If you don’t find the sound of rain on the roof to be comforting, you might feel a little crazy on a particularly rainy night with a metal roof. Metal roofs tend to be louder than asphalt roofs in rain and hail, which some people appreciate, but not everyone.

    If you still want a metal roof, but not all the noise, you could strike a compromise with additional insulation. However, this will increase the cost.
  • PRO: Metal roofs are a safe option.

    Unlike other roofing materials, metal will not go up in flames if exposed to fire. If lightning strikes a metal roof, it will deflect it rather than catching fire. Rodents can’t burrow into metal as they can shingle roofs. By all accounts, metal roofs are the safest option for your home.

    Installing a metal roof is so superior safety-wise that many home insurance companies will offer a discount as high as 20% for homes that have metal roofing. This is another factor to consider when weighing out the cost vs. benefits.
  • CON: It might be difficult to find the exact color match down the road.

    Let’s say you decide to add an addition to your home twenty years from now. You might struggle to find metal roofing in the exact same color as the rest of the roof. There are a lot of “what ifs” in this scenario, but something to keep in mind non-the-less.
  • PRO: Metal roofing is super energy efficient.
    Because metal reflects heat from the sun rather than absorbing it, metal roofs are the most efficient option for keeping a home cool. This could cut your energy costs by 10-25%, which is another factor to include in your cost analysis.

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