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Do you enjoy the look of a clean and smooth granite countertop? Do you prefer the higher qualities of quartz countertops? Although higher grade countertops like granite and quartz tend to look nicer, they also come with a higher price tag. How can you upgrade the look of your kitchen and bathroom countertops without going into debt? You can achieve the beautiful look of upscale countertops with these cost saving countertop purchasing tips.

Purchase older models
Just as with anything else, granite and quartz countertop manufacturers are consistently upgrading their brands and materials. As soon as a new grade of granite or quartz countertop is released, the older materials are sold at a discounted price. A homeowner looking for steep discounts on their countertops can usually find a great price when purchasing these older models. There are generally very minimal differences between the older and newer models. You can usually find these discounted countertop materials by shopping the showroom at your local home improvement or countertop specialty store.

Purchase mistakes
Sometimes else?s mistake can benefit you significantly. Many homeowners attempt to take on a kitchen DIY remodel project to cut costs. However, when you DIY a project, you are subject to making more mistakes. One of the most common types of mistakes is inaccurate measuring. If you incorrectly measure your countertop needs and cut without identifying the problem, you are left with countertops that do not fit. Browse the mistake areas of your local home improvement store. Sometimes, you can even request to view the odd cuts at the countertop manufacturers.

Manufacturer extras
Even the manufacturer can incorrectly measure something. They may also order too much of a product for a customer. These extra materials are normally significantly discounted, giving you a great deal on the high quality materials you desire. Inquire about any extras and inaccurate cuts with your local countertop manufacturers. They are unable to do much with these leftover materials and are usually more than pleased to make anything off of them.

Wait for sales and other discounts
There are times during the year that home remodels and renovations are higher. The spring and fall months tend to see an increase in housing project. People are either preparing their home for selling or they are stuck indoors because of inclement weather conditions. Other times of the year, such as during the summer and winter months, housing renovation projects decrease in occurrence. Many countertop manufacturers will offer great sales and discounts during these lower frequency times. Take advantage of these annual countertop sales for steep discounts.

Increase ROI
A minor kitchen remodel has an average return on investment, or ROI, or 82.7%. Although you will not see this increase in funds until you sell the house, it can make your kitchen or bathroom countertop project more worth the high costs. You can still opt for higher grades of countertop materials, because you will also be increasing the return on investment. Always keep ROI in mind when planning home remodel projects and when purchasing countertop supplies.

Consider alternative countertop materials
With current building and design techniques, many countertop builders can make even the lowest grade of countertop materials look of high value. Laminate counters are a more affordable countertop option and are very durable and strong. In fact, when properly maintained, a laminated countertop can last 10 to 20 years. Cut costs by creating a custom laminate countertop that mimics the look of granite or quartz. It will look very similar, but you will pay much less for the materials.

Granite and quart are two of the most common materials of countertops used today. They look beautiful and really finish the look of a renovation. However, they are also pricey. Homeowners spend an average of $2,912 on installing countertops, but that number can vary depending on the materials and size of the countertop. Find ways to cut your costs by purchasing used and incorrectly cut materials, waiting for manufacturer sales, and opting instead for custom laminate that mimics the look of higher quality materials.

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