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Mold, Ammonia And Mites The Hidden Dangers In Your Carpet

Upholstery cleaning portland

Nothing turns a guest’s gaze more harshly than an ugly rug. This goes well beyond an unappealing color or the occasional spot — your rug can be home to all sorts of nasty little elements that build up over time, from dust mites to that dog pee you forgot to fully scrub out last week. What can you do when it seems like too much work to clean the entire thing? Rug stain cleaning is a popular service that can see you restoring the sheen of your rug and simultaneously creating a cleaner home all in one go. Water damage? Stubborn stains? There’s nothing a rug staining cleaning service can’t tackle.

Dust Away Those Dust Mites

You walk on your carpet every day. People go out of their way to keep their floor as spotless as possible, from refusing to eat food in certain parts of the house to taking off one’s shoes before walking inside. Dust mites are gross little insects that can fester in your carpet unseen and leave you itching in the middle of the night. As many as 2,000 dust mites can live on a mere ounce of carpet. Rug stain cleaning service sounding good about now?

Break Away From The Mold

Tiny insects with a vendetta aren’t your only worries with a filthy carpet. Mold is a fungus that grows through a combination of moisture, temperature and close space. While it’s plenty disgusting and often cleaned for aesthetic purposes, it’s actually a health hazard, to boot. Water damage is one of the primary contributors to mold and mildew cropping up throughout your house and, according to the EPA, 100% of all types of mold have the potential to cause minor to severe health hazards. Some studies have even found links between mold exposure and cancer! Rug stain cleaning isn’t just a nuisance. It’s a necessity.

Don’t Stain Your Conscience

What about that stain that doesn’t go away no matter how hard you scrub away at it? Stains can be caused by mold growth, spilled food or a simple accident while your kid’s friends were over on a play date. Wine stains are easily the most difficult to remove, doubly so if you have a lighter colored carpet that shows spots more fervently than a dark gray or tan. Carpet stain removal uses tough chemicals to combat tough stains and can finally see your carpet looking like it used to in just a single session.

No Pee, No Problem

Owners of pets know about the few downsides to owning a cat or a dog. Dog pee stain removal is practically its own sub-genre for its prevalence (and frustration) in many American households. Pet urine is not only smelly, it contains ammonia and can lead to serious health hazards if left alone for long periods of time. Skin irritation, breathing problems and even respiratory malfunction for those with asthma. Luckily for you and your furry friend, the carpet cleaning industry employs over 70,000 people in the United States. You won’t have to search very far for rug stain cleaning that does the trick.

Clearing Up Your Dirty Carpet

Your carpet holds up through thick and thin. Why not give it a break and hire an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning service this year? Experts recommend all carpets be professionally cleaned every year or so, though a less active household can get away with every year and a half. A recent study saw over 20% of Americans considering their carpet to be even dirtier than a toilet seat, with another 80% saying a clean carpet is necessary for a clean home. When you have mold, ammonia and insects threatening your health it’s time to fight back.

Don’t let these annoying stains pull the rug out from under you. Keep you and your family healthy and happy with eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

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