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Let a Commercial Snow Plow Do All the Work

A snow plow truck service can save you a lot of hassle if you need to clear some snow safely and efficiently. Simply head online and make searches like “road grader snow plow” or even “dump bodies for truck” and have a look at the results. If you find a good one in your area, check to see the reviews that they have and give them a call if they’re satisfactory.

Alternatively, you can look for used Chevy plow trucks to see if there are any in your area that you can take advantage of. If you know how to operate one, you could rent it out and clear the snow that you need to clear yourself. This may take some skills and a level of patience that not everyone has. If you can find a reasonable service in your area, save their contacts so that you can reach them easily the next time you need their services.

Hiring a professional for the job is the best call to make because you know that they’ll do a professional job. They may also have modern machinery and equipment that will leave a smaller carbon footprint, doing a greener job.

Every year 11,500 people on average are treated in the United States for fractures, heart attacks, and a variety of other injuries incurred while shoveling snow, according to a study done in 2015. Another study indicated that the average worker’s compensation claim for injuries related to snow or ice was $48,000.

Protect yourself as well as your employees. Let a commercial snow plow do all the work for you.

One million Americans a year are injured in slip and fall accidents. In the winter, the odds of this occurring sharply increase. Engaging the services of a dependable snow removal company helps keep your customers and employees safe.

From 2012 to 2017, the snow plowing industry experienced growth of 2.4%. Commercial snow removal companies are equipped to handle anything from a run-of-the-mill winter storm to a record-breaking blizzard. Other than pricing, Sneller Snow Systems recommends asking these questions before deciding which company is right for you.

1. Will Snow Be Removed Promptly?

Be sure to find out what the company’s estimated response time is, especially following a severe snow storm. You also want to ensure that you understand their snow removal policies relating to when and how often plowing is done.

2. What Are Their Methods Of Communication?

In any business, clear communication is essential. Ask the company whether they communicate with their customers by e-mail or phone. Find out how often they’ll reach out to you before, during, and after a storm.

3. What Services Do They Offer?

This is a crucial question, because it’s useless to hire a commercial snow plow company that doesn’t offer the services you’re looking for. In addition to plowing, they may offer deicing, shoveling of sidewalks, and other helpful services.

If you’re a residential customer, it’s also a good idea for you to ask the same questions when you’re choosing a snow removal company. You may find that in addition to snow removal during the winter, a company may offer fall and spring leaf clean-up, mulching, tree trimming, and other services to keep your yard looking first-rate.

When snow storms come your way, stay safe and have a professional snow plow company handle the heavy work for you.

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