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Keeping Your House Free of Pests and Rodents Is Not Always Easy

One of the most dreaded pests is rats and mice. They will chew all kinds of materials and spread various diseases. They can get into your house through the smallest of holes. You must immediately call a mice removal company if you notice scratching sounds at night, droppings, and gnaw marks.

Other signs of a rodent infestation include urine stains and musky smells, chewed food packaging and cables, and damage to your furnishings. A quick search for ‘how to find rat entry point’ will show you what to look out for, so you can seal the entry and exit points. Common entry points are cracks in the baseboard and walls, pipes, drains, and vents.

Rabid rats are not common, as rats do not carry rabies. Rats, however, spread other diseases such as Hantavirus.

If you see rats at work, your office must notify pest control. They will have to catch the rats to prevent an infestation.

Whether it’s a mouse or a rat, you must stop the rodent from entering your home by sealing holes, keeping the area clean, and storing food in closed containers. This will prevent them from making a nest in your house.

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The one guest that you definitely you did not want this holiday season has moved in. This guest is so unwelcome that you have had to call in a bed bug control expert. When your daughter came home from her last high school competition you found out too late that the hotel where the group stayed had bed bugs. In fact, by the time that you found out your daughter had unloaded her suitcase on your bed and had thrown her pillow and travel blanket on her bed. Before you knew what was going on you had a bed bug problem in two of the four bedrooms.

A horrible problem to have the week before the Christmas company begins to arrive. Fortunately, you were able to get a bed bug service to come out to tackle the problem. You know that bed bug control can be something difficult to get a handle on, but with the right pest and rodent control service you are hopeful that the unwanted bug guests will arrive before the holiday guests arrive.
Pest Control Services Can Help You Tackle Difficult Problems
Even homes that are clean and well maintained can have problems with pests. From bed bugs that come in your home from a suitcase that has been in an infested hotel to rodents who make their way into your home once the weather gets cold, finding the right pest control service can help you solve your problem. Consider the following facts and figures about the many reasons that Americans might find themselves in need of pest control services:

  • Termites are responsible for $1 billion to $2 billion in property damage in an average year.
  • 25% of all fires attributed to ?unknown causes? are likely started by rodents gnawing on gas lines, matches, or electrical wiring.
  • 95% of the 1600 species of fleas that have been identified throughout the world live on mammals, while 50% live on birds.
  • Female bedbugs can lay more than 200 eggs in their lifetime. For this reason it is important to make sure that you find someone who is an expert in bed bug control options.
  • Unfortunately, rodents do not need much of an opening to find a way into your home. In fact, rats can enter structures through half inch holes and mice can enter through quarter inch holes.

The holidays are not a time when you want to be dealing with unwanted pests. And while you might think that some of your inlaws can overstay their welcome, no guest is as bad as a bed bug, a rodent, or a whole colony of termites!

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