Important Things to Consider When There Are 11 Weeks Left Till Due Date

The due date also known as the delivery period is preceded by the last trimester; between 24 and 36 weeks of pregnancy or between seven and nine months. During this period, your tummy will grow larger than you might imagine because your baby will be packing in pounds. As a result, you might be uncomfortable from time to time.

However, not all moms suffer when there’s 11 weeks left till due date. You might still have the energy to do things, including prepping for your baby’s arrival and savoring your time with family members and friends. Before you know it, your baby will arrive, so you must get as much rest as possible and tick off some items from your last trimester. In this review, we’ll look at what you can and should do when there’s 11 weeks left till due date.

Update Your Doors and Windows

New doors and windows make your house stylish and energy efficient and give your home a completely different look. If there are 11 weeks left till the due date, you can call a window and door installation company for upgrades. This is how to go about this project:

Choose Your Contractor

When choosing a contractor to install your new doors and windows, ensure you first have an agreement with a door and window supplier. You can opt to hire your supplier’s in-house team to do the installation or hire another company in your locality.

Get Ready

Before your door and window installer contractor arrives in your home, there are a couple of things you should do to be ready just in case they’re necessary; they include:

Do you need approval or a permit before changing your doors and windows? If so, it’s your responsibility to get one.

Do you have pets in your house? If you do, ensure you move them because the contractor and their team will open your main door frequently.

Do you have an alarm in your home? If you do, you should temporarily disconnect it or inform your alarm company about work being done in your home.

Remove all door and window treatments in your home, including blinds, curtains, curtain rods, panels, sheers, shutters, etc.

To protect everything in your home as installation takes place, cover them and remember to move any valuable items you have lying around, such as jewelry.


Before your supplier arrives, have a free parking space near your front door. When they arrive, they will unload the items and their tools. You can ask your contractor any questions regarding installing your doors and windows. The installation process is as follows:

Removing the existing doors and windows

Inspecting and prepping the openings

Positioning and installing the new doors and windows while ensuring they’re level

Insulation and finishing.

Fix Your Garage

Like any other part of your home, your garage area is prone to wear and tear. However, unlike other areas, your garage door can be risky if you ignore it for too long or attempt to fix it yourself, especially when you’re pregnant, and there’s 11 weeks left till due date. Therefore, you should hire a garage door services company to fix it on your behalf. To determine whether or not your garage door needs repairs, you should consider a couple of things, including:


How old is your garage door? Old age could be responsible for the malfunction of the opening and closing mechanisms. You might be tempted to replace the most dilapidated motor components, but attaching new elements to an old system can worsen the problem. If you’ve had your garage door for more than ten years, it’s time to do an overhaul.

Higher Energy Costs

Watch out for your power bills; are you paying more than usual? If you are, it might be because the insulation on your garage door is failing or falling apart, allowing heat out of your house. This doesn’t require you to change the door; only the insulation should be changed.

Shaking or Lots of Noise

You might have a serious problem if your garage door vibrates or the motor produces loud noises. The door will vibrate due to old or rusty garage door springs. At this point, the best course of action is to replace the springs and have the motor inspected.

Upgrade Your Plumbing

If you reside in an old house, you’re likely to have plumbing issues at some point. Although old houses have curb appeal, you must invest cash in upgrading the plumbing. You can do this when there’s 11 weeks left till due date, and some of the things you can upgrade include:


It’s not unusual for older homes to have galvanized steel pipes. The issue with galvanized steel pipes is they can corrode internally, with the corrosion leaking into the water and affecting its quality. When you’re expectant, you shouldn’t be drinking contaminated water hence why your piping should be inspected and upgraded.


Another plumbing upgrade you should consider in your old home is the toilets. There are several reasons to upgrade your toilets when there are 11 weeks left till due date, like improving comfortability and saving on monthly utility bills.

Water Heater

You should also consider changing your water heater if it’s malfunctioning. When the cold season arrives, you don’t want to find yourself with a faulty water heater, so ensure it’s functional; otherwise, have it changed.

Get Your Clothes Cleaned

When there are 11 weeks left till the due date, you shouldn’t involve yourself in demanding tasks like doing your laundry. Therefore, you should consider getting your clothes cleaned by a dry cleaning service. Some of the benefits of dry cleaning clothes include:

Gentle Care of Delicates

Although dry cleaning services use powerful chemicals to remove dirt from your clothes, they’re skilled enough to ensure your clothes stay gentle. Dry cleaning machines are less abrasive than typical at-home washing machines.

No Shrinkage

Did you know that clothing made from silk and wool often shrinks when it comes into contact with water? This isn’t an issue with dry-cleaned clothes because the process doesn’t involve water, so no shrinking will occur when your clothes are cleaned.

Stubborn Stain Removal

Since dry cleaning comprises powerful cleaning agents like perchloroethylene, you can be confident that any stubborn stains on your clothes will be eliminated.

Find a Doctor

Finding a doctor who will help provide primary care services during pregnancy is vital. Several types of health care practitioners can care for you when there are 11 weeks till the due date, so explore your options and determine what’s important to you before deciding. There are a couple of things to do when looking for a doctor, including:

Check Your Insurance

When looking for a doctor, it’s essential to understand what your insurance does and doesn’t cover. Therefore, you should review your benefits and call your provider for clarification. Also, ensure you understand the costs you’re liable for.

Choose a Hospital

When looking for a doctor, it’s vital that you also choose a hospital. Although you won’t spend a lot of time in the hospital, mainly if you deliver normally, you should find a hospital equipped to handle your delivery smoothly.

Do Your Research

After choosing a hospital, research the physicians affiliated with it and compare them to the ones in your insurance provider’s network. Narrow down the list by checking online reviews and ratings. You can also ask for referrals from people you trust.

Look for a Dentist

Although many women make it through the entire nine months without dental problems, pregnancy can worsen dental issues or create new ones. Therefore, you should find a family dentist when there are 11 weeks left till due date to keep you and your baby healthy. Some of the dental problems associated with pregnancies include:

Increased Risk of Tooth Decay

Pregnant women are prone to cavities for various reasons. For instance, if you’re consuming more carbs than usual, you can experience tooth decay. On the other hand, morning sickness can increase acid in your mouth, which can destroy your teeth enamel.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

When pregnant, your mouth can be affected by hormonal changes. For instance, some pregnant women develop a condition called ‘pregnancy gingivitis.’ This irritates the gums, which can cause swelling and tenderness.

Pregnancy Tumors

Some pregnant women experience tissue overgrowth on their gums, often in the second trimester. This is known as pregnancy tumors; fortunately, it’s not a cancer but rather inflammation between the teeth.

Sell Your Old Things

You can also opt to sell your old things when its 11 weeks left till due date. Find a diamond buyer for your old jewelry that you no longer wear and buyers for old electronics. How do you find buyers for your old items?

Facebook Marketplace

One of the best places to sell old items is Facebook’s Marketplace. All you need to do is take a couple of good photos of the item you’re selling and upload them. From this point, you can set the price or allow buyers to bid for the item.

Host a Garage Sale

You can also host a garage sale to sell any unwanted belongings. However, when hosting a garage sale, confirm that your community guidelines allow for this undertaking.


Another way to dispose of old and unwanted items is trade-ins. Some of the largest retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart, offer you cash or credit in exchange for old things.

Hire an Attorney

When you’re pregnant, you have equal rights to all other employees at work. However, pregnancy discrimination is rampant, so you might need to hire a family attorney. Some of the issues you can hire an attorney for include:

Failure to Get Enough Leave Days

Employers are also prohibited by law from forcing expectant employees to take leave at a specific time or stay in their roles until they deliver. Your employer must give you as much time as you want and allow you to work as long as possible. If your rights are violated, contact a pregnancy discrimination attorney.

Health Insurance Revocation

Your employer’s health insurance should cover pregnancy costs and pregnancy-related conditions. If your employer decides to revoke your insurance or doesn’t reimburse you for pregnancy-related medical expenses, you can sue them.

Leave Denial

Employers are required by law to allow pregnant employees to leave for pregnancy and maternity. If your employer denies you maternity or pregnancy leave days, you can contact an attorney to know your rights.

Research Summer Activities

With warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine, summer can be a great time for you to enjoy the outdoors while pregnant. Some of the activities you can do include:


You can go to youth camp during summer; this will help take your mind off things. However, ensure the camp isn’t far away from a health center.


You can wear your swimsuit and dip in the pool to cool off. However, ensure you apply sunscreen lotion on your body to prevent sunburn. Swimming helps relieve pressure off your legs and back since you will be floating.

Build a Community

When there are 11 weeks left until the due date, you can build a community. Like country club membership programs, the community will be about supporting members, who in this case will be other expectant women. You can meet at least once a week to discuss the challenges you’ve all experienced in your pregnancy journey. You can also visit one another at home to help relieve the pressure. In the end, when deliveries happen, the community will provide support to all mothers because they’ll be very preoccupied.

In conclusion, when you’re in your third trimester, with 11 weeks left till due date, there are several things you can do to help you have an easier time after giving birth. Some of these things you can do on your own, while others you’ll need help.

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