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How Well Do You Know Your TV Remote Controls?

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How much do you know about the little TV remotes that hop around your house and get lost in the couch cushions?

96.7% The percentage of American households that have at least one TV set — although most households have even more than one. Even if you only have one TV set, chances are, you have countless other electronic devices that require remotes, too. In fact…

Four The number of remotes that inhibits the average American living room. No, these aren’t all specifically TV remote controls. Many of them go to other devices, like Blu-Ray players and DVRs, which usually come with their own original remotes and absolutely must have that exact remote to function. Universal TV remote controls? Please. These devices are too evolved for one of those pedantic devices.

49% A number that should surprise no one … since it’s the percentage of lost television remote controls that are found underneath/ inside/ eaten by the couch cushions. Let’s be honest … it makes sense that your TV remotes end up eaten by couch cushions, since you probably sit on your couch while watching TV pretty often. But have you ever noticed that when your TV remotes are lost into the depths of the couch, they don’t just hang out near the surface? They make it their mission to reach the very bottom, so that when you try reaching down for them, you end up feeling like the couch is sucking you in, too. This is the true danger of the lost TV remote.

So if you find yourself in need of replacement TV remotes — don’t fret. And don’t turn to those over-hyped universal TV remote controls, either. The truth is, you need to have the original remotes which are programmed to work with each devices perfectly — and even if it means having a few extra original TV remotes hanging around, isn’t it better than having a bunch of devices hanging around that can’t be used because your replacement television remote controls don’t actually control them? For more about this, go here.

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