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How To Use Your Gazebo In The Winter

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More than 21 million people in the UK now own a shed; outdoor sheds are similarly popular in the U.S.

In the United Kingdom, more than 21 million people own outdoor sheds or gazebos. Even more U.S. homeowners have them installed on their property; unfortunately, if you live in the Midwest or Northeast, harsh winters can make it difficult to take full advantage of this popular yard feature.

A new survey revealed that 77% of Americans just keep old tools in their garages and sheds, but gazebos are rather pointless if they aren’t actually used. If you’re looking to maximize the enjoyment of your gazebo all year long, then here’s how to get the most use out of it during the winter freeze.

Invest In A Cover

Although gazebos are designed to be open air, many home improvement stores now carry covers or screens that allow these structures to be used in storms or cold weather. A canopy or cover can not only protect the wood from damage, but also shield you and your guests from the wind and snow.

Use It As Decoration

If you don’t want to invest in a cover or canopy, then it might not be practical to go inside your gazebo during the winter. However, common Christmas lights and decorations can be used to turn an unused gazebo into an exciting feature of your home.

Find A Gazebo Builder To Help

If you’re determined to enjoy that gazebo year round, then you’ll be glad to know some contractors now renovate and even build custom gazebos. With minimal work, regular Amish gazebos could be transformed into a deluxe covered structure, perfect for entertaining in the chilly months.

No matter what you decide, it’s also important to invest in outdoor furniture covers for any furniture that will remain in an open air structure year round. Don’t waste money by leaving your belongings out in the cold.

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