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Are You Really Helping Families in Need When You Donate Clothing? The Answer May Surprise You

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If there’s one thing that men, women, and children all need besides food and shelter, it’s clothing. The good news is that there are plenty of charity organizations that collect clothing donations to help families and individuals in need, but many people wonder: do they really help? And if so, what are the best charities to donate to?

Are you really helping families in need when you donate clothing? These three questions should let you know the answer to your concerns about charity.

Do charities actually use my clothing donations for helping families in need?

In short, yes, but sometimes it depends upon the charity. In the United States alone, around 14.3 million pounds of clothing gets donated to help people worldwide, and there are many charities that give clothing to local causes in your community, too. The trick to donating is to find out exactly what the used clothing donations are used for. Most charity foundations should be fairly transparent about this process. Some will even ask you for specific items that their clients will need, such as winter coats during cold weather or children’s clothing before school starts up. If you want to make sure that the clothing you give will be reused, make sure to research charities ahead of time before you donate.

But what about clothing that is sold in secondhand shops?

Many charities use excess clothing by selling it in thrift stores. In fact, about 20% of all donated clothing ends up in these shops. Although the clothing isn’t being given away for free there, it is available at a greatly reduced cost, so families in need can afford to buy clothing. This is especially important for parents who need to buy clothing for growing children. Having access to affordable clothing helps to reduce household expenses, and the same goes for donated household items for sale, too.

How does recycling clothing work for helping families in need?

Many companies also take used clothing donations and recycle them rather than reusing them. For the most part, recycled clothing is that which can’t be reused — it may be in too rough condition. Recycling clothing helps the environment by reducing pollution, which makes for healthier communities and people.

Have more questions about how to help others through charitable donations? Leave a comment, and find a local charity that needs your help today.

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