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Hiring Metal Roof Contractors In Your Area

Most homeowners have installed shingle roofs due to their affordability and versatility. However, many alternatives are available, and roofing contractors will assist you in making the best selection. If you have an old and damaged shingle roof system, it may be time to switch up to a more durable and weather-resistant alternative like metal roofs.

When you hire a roofer, they will come to your property to assess the damage, listen to your preferences, and give you their expert opinion and a quote. Depending on the damage, your roof might need a repair or replacement. If your roof is leaking, folding, or completely missing, a good roofer will recommend a roof replacement.

If you settle on a metal roof, you are guaranteed at least 50 years of quality roofing, which is a good investment. Please search for a roofer near me to get a list of reputable contractors in your zone. Ask for a quote and check websites or social pages for client reviews. To get the best deals, search for affordable roof repair near me. On-site, check to see if the contractors follow safety guidelines and ensure they provide you a warranty for free follow-ups.

All buildings and houses have roofs on them, but the nature and quality of those roofs may vary somewhat. Today’s American homeowners have more options than they may realize, and asphalt shingle roofs are not the only type of roof out there. While shingle roofs may be adequate for some homeowners, metal roofs offer more, and a homeowner may soon find themselves hiring metal roofing contractors if their current roof is badly damaged or very old. Worn out shingle roofs tend to have many problems, and commercial roofers such as metal roofing contractors can put in a new metal roof when contacted. What might a homeowner expect from these metal roofing contractors, and what are the advantages of a metal roof over an asphalt shingle one?

Roof Issues

Why might a roof be replaced at all? Sometimes, a very old or damaged roof is more money-efficient to simply replace than repair, and if a roof is badly damaged during a tornado or a hurricane, this might certainly be the case. Powerful storms such as those tend to have strong winds, and they will also launch heavy wind-blown debris that may strike a house. A roof may become badly damaged during a storm, or it may even the blown off entirely. And in other cases, a very old house may be purchased, and its shingle roof is decades old and utterly worn out. Such a roof will have poor insulation and many leaks that admit rain water into the home, and it may be more money than it’s worth to fix all those issues. In fact, commercial roofers on the job may recommend total roof replacement rather than try to fix it. Leaking rain water causes all sorts of problems, such as rotting the wood in the attic all the way to damaging drywall in the home to shorting out electrical components in the walls. Loose water might also pool on the floor or in the basement, and all of this may involve expensive repairs alongside the roof’s own repair. Total roof replacement may be the only option, and metal roofing contractors can help.

The Advantages of a Metal Roof

A homeowner may find a metal roof to be a very attractive replacement for their old shingle roof, and there are many perks to such a roof. To begin with, these roofs are very durable and may last for a long time, which makes them a fine investment in the long run. Metal roofs may last three to seven times longer than asphalt shingle roofs that they replace, and on average, they last for 50 years. If the steel roof is coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy, it may in fact last an entire century. Not only will the current homeowner make use of that roof, but the next one, and the one after that, too. These metal roofs tend to be built from 30-60% recycled materials and metal, and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives. These tough roofs can endure winds as strong as 140 MPH, making them a fine choice in areas that expect powerful storms during certain times of the year.

These roofs also work well with insulation needs, and they are cost-efficient to install. Such roofs, even the more expensive ones, may cost 20% less to install on the home than regular asphalt shingle ones, and they are efficient for insulation. A typical home may leak a lot of warm or cool air through its roof, and this can disrupt the home’s climate control and overwork the heating and air conditioning utility. This can cost a lot of extra money on the electric bill over time, but metal roofing contractors can put in a roof that insulates the home well. A homeowner may expect to save about 25% on their energy bills when such a roof is installed. Such roofs vary in their exact materials, and a number of different metals may be used. Even the most expensive models, though, may be more price-friendly to install than asphalt shingle roofs or extensive repairs on a current roof. An interested homeowner may contact local metal roofing contractors for more precise costs if they like, and have their current roof inspected.

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