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Five Advantages of Buying a Custom Home That You Can’t Ignore

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As the housing market continues to recover from the recession of 2008, more and more potential homeowners are looking to take advantage of the buyer’s market and building new custom designed homes.

In fact, new home constructions increased as much as 27.7% from 2012 to 2013. If you are looking to buy a new home, there’s never been a better time to consider custom built homes as a way to live in the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are the top five advantages that come with custom built homes:

1. You can build your house to accommodate your needs: Custom built homes are a great option for people who have disabilities or need special accessibility features. You can incorporate ramps, lower counters and more for easier wheelchair access, along with a number of other features for any need.

2. You get bonus features, often for free: Because contractors who build custom built homes are looking for your business, they will often include things like a finished basement or other special features at no extra cost. You’ll get to enjoy a little extra luxury for free in new luxury homes.

3. You’ll live in a neighborhood with other beautiful, unique homes: No two custom built homes are quite alike. A neighborhood of custom luxury homes will be filled with unique, beautifully-designed dwellings, which means your home’s value will stay stable over time.

4. Your new home will be green: Research has shown that an incredible 99% of older houses across American are “sick” – damp, drafty, dusty, noisy and expensive to heat and cool. These “sick” houses could be at least 30% more energy-efficient, studies show. With new custom homes, you can pick out energy-efficient appliances and building materials that will let you save money on your utilities while showing love to the environment.

5. You get to build the house of your dreams: Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect house is. By choosing custom built homes, you will be able to decide what every facet of your new home will be like. It will be the perfect house to spend your life in. Get more here.

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