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Dispelling Common Myths About Assisted Living

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Entering assisted living is a big decision that many seniors are hesitant to make. With the proliferation of negative ideas in the media and the myths constantly spreading about assisted living, it’s truly hard to know what to believe.
Luckily, we’ve provided the answers to the most common questions seniors have about assisted living, in hopes of easing minds and making the decision an easy and sound one:
Will I lose my independence?
Many entering assisted living facilities fear that they will lose their independence upon entering the living situation. This concept is especially hard for someone who has lived a long and fulfilling life with complete control over their actions.
Well luckily, assisted living does not mean losing total independence. While assisted living homes offer 24 hour, 7-day a week care if necessary, residents are able to live largely independent lifestyles. It’s also important to remember that no two assisted living facilities are the same; many offer senior housing options that are exactly like apartments, allowing full independence and help when needed.

Will I be bored?
Senior citizen housing and assisted living aims to stimulate the intellect of its residents while providing them the care they need. Because of this, senior citizen housing facilities offer a plethora of activities for the residents to enjoy and cultivate. For example, many facilities offer field trips and weekly events that give residents a look into culture and the arts. Additionally, many offer exercise programs and clubs such as gardening club, providing an opportunity for every senior to find something they enjoy.

Will I be lonely?
One of the reasons many seniors enter assisted living to begin with is because they are often left alone, and therefore are unable to take care of themselves. Within assisted living homes, residents will find a sense of community and solidarity that would otherwise be difficult to experience and facilitate.

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