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Can You Imagine ER Care Without the Wait?

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If someone told you that you could have ER care without the wait, what would you say? You would probably think that person was in need of some medical care himself. Everyone knows that when you get injured or have some kind of emergency condition that requires an emergency room visit you are in for a long wait. Is ER care without the wait even possible?

If you are a parent, you can probably relate to this type of scenario. You have a little boy or girl who is just learning how to ride their bike. They have been practicing and practicing and the first time they venture out on their own things look like they are going to go just splendidly.

You are outside watching them, but they have made it very clear that they do not want you to help them this time. They have got everything under control and they can do it themselves. So, the step into the bike and prepare to ride while you sit nervously on the porch. As they start off, everything looks good and they are smiling. Then, all of a sudden, the bike starts to shake and down they go, chin first onto the pavement.

Like thousands of kids before them, you most likely being one of them, they open a gas on their chin that is going to need stitches. You saw it coming as soon as you saw them trying to get the handlebars under control. You run to them and bring them into the house where you put a white towel on the wound and try to apply pressure. Then, you instruct them to continue to do the same as you get into the car and head to the hospital.

Back in your day, you would be expecting to have to wait for quite some time. Chin gashes are a dime a dozen and other cases have to come first. But, what if you could have ER care without the wait? Well, now you actually can. Urgent Care clinics are home to a type of medical practice that is becoming more popular all across the United States.

The kind of effective treatment you will find at an Urgent Care clinic encompasses everything from emergency care to family medicine and most of them are open seven days a week. Some are even open twenty-four hours a day. Many Urgent Care facilities are a great alternative to having to go to the emergency room. Of course, sometimes the emergency room is required, but for many cases that had nowhere else to turn but to the ER, these Urgent Care clinics can be the answer.

What is also happening in the world of medicine in the United States is what is being dubbed “convenient care.” These clinics are a combination of a walk-in clinic and an emergency room. Having both types of care underneath one roof is, indeed, a very convenient option. In 2011, the average urgent care center took care of 342 patients every week. This is according to the Urgent Care Association of America. In addition to that, the average center experienced an increase of 28 patients per month.

This kind of convenient care is revolutionizing the way medicine is being practiced in the United States. Part of what is contributing to this new way of practicing is the fact that doctors are taking ownership of their practice. Right now, half of the Urgent Care clinics ion the United States are owned by a single physician or a group of physicians.

If you are looking to get ER care without the wait, take a look at the Urgent Care clinic in your area. You will like what you see.

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