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Building A Home Is A Fulfilling Process Beautiful Ideas To Help Craft Your Dream Home With

Building a home is one of the most fulfilling tasks in the world.

It’s breathing life into your hopes and dreams, transforming the intangible into something you can touch and smell. Brick by proverbial brick you see your goals for the future emerging before your very eyes. Are you starting a new family and want to create the groundwork for generations to come? What about you and your partner searching for greener pastures in a new city? A good home looks different to everyone…and a custom home builder can get you there.

Dream homes aren’t built in a day. Here are some modern home design features to keep in mind as you consider a place of your very own.

Interesting Statistics On Modern Home-buying Trends

The housing market is far from obsolete. Just take a look at some recent statistics gathered up by today’s leading experts on homeowning. According to data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development, over one million new homes were finished in February of 2018. It’s not just experienced home buyers snatching these places up, either. The National Association Of Realtors found 35% of home buyers do so for the first time.

A Big, Beautiful Kitchen To Bring The Home Together

An element no home is complete without is a big, lovely kitchen. A Houzz survey revealed kitchen renovations are easily the most popular choice among today’s homeowners, fighting neck-and-neck for top spot with master bathroom renovations. You can save yourself the trouble by asking your kitchen remodeling professional about their designs. A kitchen should have enough space for you to comfortably move around and store supplies, including (but not limited to) cupboards, large counters, and a kitchen island. All those pretty potted plants you want to decorate with will come later!

Desirable Living Areas To Craft A Full Package

Alongside a spacious kitchen you should have a cozy living room. A good rule-of-thumb when figuring out living room design is to use your sofa as a point of reference. Think about how you’ll rearrange your television set or chairs — the sofa works because it creates a focal point to work with, helping everything else fall into place. Modern home design features often have a quality sofa as part of the base product. You can always ask your custom home design professional their thoughts…who knows what you’ll learn?

Gorgeous Outdoor Additions To Create Strong Curb Appeal

It’s not just the interior you should be focusing on. A home with a high ROI and strong curb appeal needs to have exterior decorating that stands out. Florida has the highest number of interior design firms in the United States today, estimating over 1,500 small and large businesses in the niche. It also has quite a few exterior design professionals (or landscaping professionals) that can help you carve your home out with stone and grass. Curb appeal is a useful feature if you plan on selling down the road.

Important Questions To Ask Your Home Builder

Your dream household projects are ready and waiting to be turned into something you can touch. According to Christie’s International Real Estate report, most luxury homes are sold within 200 days of being listed. This is a good estimate with which to judge your purchase…though not the only detail to keep in mind! You’ll have to factor in location, mortgage, and future home remodeling when building a home. It’s a lot of work, but many homeowners today would have no different.

Your home doesn’t have to stay in your head. What kind of modern home design features could a luxury home builder provide you?

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