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A Simple Touch-Up Or An All-Over Renovation? Why More Homeowners Are Choosing The Full Package

Sometimes your obligations stack up to the point doing one at a time just isn’t feasible. This is particularly common when it comes to home renovations.

Your home is a dynamic space, changing during your journey in small and large ways. You’ll toss out furniture as necessary, spruce up the bathroom once it starts showing some wear…it’s almost like a conversation. Sometimes, though, our lives just get too busy and we’re left with a home that needs a pick-me-up. Home remodeling companies are fully aware of the challenges that face the conscientious homeowner. Not only can they offer you a whole home remodel, they can do so in a way that doesn’t take away from the personality of your house.

What kind of benefits come with the whole home model? Where should you even start looking? All these questions and more will be answered below.

The Timeframe Of Your Average Home Remodel

Many homeowners balk at the idea of the whole home remodel because of the timeframe. Wouldn’t it be easier to just work on the house little by little until it’s finished? This could work for you…if you’re fine with breaking up your schedule on a rolling basis. Whole home remodels can take up to a year to complete, but they deliver results that will last you a lifetime. Small homes and additions generally take 12 weeks, while larger projects range between three to nine months.

Adding Energy Efficient Elements To The Whole House

Home remodeling consulting services have to address thousands of different requests. You have one homeowner that wants to give their entire home a new coat of paint, while another is worried about small, cramped spaces. Easily the most common request is energy efficiency — the average American household spends 50% of its monthly income on heating and cooling, according to a study by the Department Of Energy. Installing new HVAC systems or furnaces is a good place to start. Improving heat retention with new floorboards or doors, however, also goes a long way.

Improving Your Interior Design Piece By Piece

You don’t just have to focus on technical specs with home remodeling companies Indianapolis. They can also help ensure your home is just as beautiful to look at as it is to sum up financially. Recent studies have shown outfitting an older home with energy efficient features is between four and eight times more efficient than making small improvements to new homes. When you add on new wallpaper or a shiny new patio? You can boost your ROI to higher levels than ever before.

Expanding The Small Kitchen And The Master Bathroom

What are the most popular areas of the home to spruce up in luxury home remodeling? Just look at the kitchen and bathroom. A Houzz survey found the master bathroom raking in the most remodeling requests, though the kitchen follows very close behind. Custom home builders often have to be aware of these issues when working, as it can lead to dissatisfied customers down the road. Your master bathroom can be altered in the home renovation with new safety features — such as a new bathtub handle — while your kitchen can be expanded with an island or additional counter.

Questions To Ask Your Home Remodeling Companies

You’re not happy with the way your home looks or is functioning. You also know a little touch-up won’t cut it. Home remodeling companies are able to give you that much-needed perspective, all in one go. Luxury custom home builders can provide you a step-by-step plan that goes over the whole process — they’ll walk you through safety measures, show you popular designs, and talk specs concerning energy conservation. Any lingering issues you have should be brought up as soon as possible so they can give you the best result.

Sometimes it’s better to do it all in one go. Reach out to your home remodeling consulting services and ask how they can help you live in the house of your dreams.

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