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The last thing you want to crawl into bed with at night is a bed bug. You’ve heard the horror stories: Bed bugs in various hotels throughout the country, your neighbor having an infestation, etc. This article will address bed bugs and professional bed bug treatment.

What are bed bugs?
Bedbugs are small, oval, brown-colored insects that live on the blood of animals (and humans). Bed bug hatchlings are often so small, they can be mistaken for a stitch-hole in a mattress. Bedbugs do not fly, but they can move quickly over floors, walls, ceilings and, yes, mattresses. Bed bugs have been able to travel over 100 feet per night, but only live within eight feet of where people sleep. Although these little critters are quite annoying to have in any home, they do not transmit any known diseases. They can also lay one to five eggs per day, which amounts to over 500 in a lifetime.

Professional bed bug treatment: It is this large amount of eggs that has many people worried. Incidence of bed bugs is three times higher in cities than in rural areas simply because there is a larger population density, more apartment living, and the increased chances of hitching a ride on a traveler. Studies have shown that one in five Americans have had a bed bug problem in their home, or at least know of someone who has encountered a bed bug issue.

Some superior bed bug solutions include non-toxic bed bug treatment. Non-toxic bed bug treatment has many benefits, such as not being harmful to humans or other animals, as well as not harming the mattress and surrounding area.

The most effective bed bug treatment (that is non-toxic) consists of using thermal heaters to kill bed bugs. Although these pesky bugs can withstand temperatures that range from nearly freezing to 122 degrees F, thermal bed bug treatment is very effective.

Thermal treatment. This professional bed bug treatment procedure simply consists of getting your home up to a temperature that they cannot survive in, which ideally falls around 130 to 140 degrees F. Other treatments may not be as effective because you cannot see the bed bugs or their eggs. However, heat will find them by creating a sauna-like environment.

Why this method works.
Be sure to hire a professional bud bug pest control service company; they will be able to install a large and powerful enough heater to get rid of the insects. One benefit of using heat treatment is that they are not resistant to this remediation method. Many bed bug populations have developed a tolerance for insecticides used for their extermination. Because heat is non-toxic, it offers a safer way to exterminate the bugs at all stages of their life.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, call a professional bed bug removal service immediately and have your home evaluated.
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