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A Guide to Boutique Furniture

Are you currently thinking about getting some great boutique furniture? Do you want high-quality living room furniture? Or do you prefer outdoor furniture? No matter what you are looking for, here are some tips on getting the very best boutique furniture!

According to a 2015 Furniture Today survey, 70% of consumers are willing to spend more for furniture containing eco-friendly materials, and the majority of them are willing to pay an additional 20% for sustainable furniture. People really care about the quality and production of their boutique furniture. So take this into consideration during your buying process.

In a Furniture Today survey, 60% of participants said they design their living room around a sofa. If you want to do this, then you are not alone and should definitely do it! Furniture and home furnishings stores generated about $106.78 billion worth of sales in 2015.

Furniture and home furnishing sales are projected to represent 13.6% of all retail e-commerce sales in the United States in 2021. Therefore, the boutique furniture available on the market is only going to get better and better over time. Here are more tips for finding the best boutique furniture options on the market.

People Care About Boutique Furniture Production

Dining room furniture, high-end outdoor furniture, and all types of indoor furniture are all so incredibly popular for American homeowners. These are the types of furniture that people crave buying every single year. However, people also really value how and where their boutique furniture is constructed and produced!

The United States furniture market is led by domestic organizations; nine out of the top 10 furniture retailers are American companies. Many people focus on buying American made products because they believe it is patriotic. However, there are also other reasons behind this logic as well!

According to a 2015 survey by Furniture Today, United States consumers prefer furniture made in America because they think American furniture is of higher quality. Approximately 59% expressed their willingness to spend more on furniture made in the United States, with most saying they’d spend up to 20% more on American pieces. If you are going to buy your furniture from American companies, you are not alone!

Find Boutique Furniture That You Love

Vintage furniture is popular among United States consumers. Around 57% of those surveyed by Furniture Today expressed a preference for vintage pieces. Some people want a modernized interior design for their home and want everything to look contemporary. However, there are people who really enjoy a retro-based design for their home with vintage furniture and more. Therefore, you should check out a boutique furniture store with these types of retro-inspired designs.

Casual Living reports that consumers expect an approximate six-year lifespan when choosing outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is taking the world by storm. Designing a brand new patio or backyard area is something that homeowners are really interested in today more than ever before! Therefore, you should get involved with a new outdoor space if that is something that you like!

According to a Furniture Today survey from 2016, 37% of respondents with outdoor space at their homes would purchase chat group furniture or furniture of four or more chairs placed around a central table or fire pit. Keep this type of information in mind as you move forward with the shopping process. That way, you can have access to all of the insider information and lingo that is available!

In Conclusion

On average, United States consumers are willing to spend $2,200 on a living room redecoration. Therefore, if you are looking to spend some good money on living room decorations or boutique furniture then you are not alone. People really like to get some great options for their home regardless of the cost.

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