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6 Great Tips for Finding the Right Mattress

Many people overlook the importance of sleeping on the right mattress that provides enough support and comfort. Mattresses determine our ability to sleep and good sleep helps in maintaining and improving our overall health. Finding the best mattress for you requires a helpful bed shopping guide. It is vital to make a wise decision when purchasing a bed as it’s a significant investment and unlocks the ability to have better sleep. There are different types of mattresses: innerspring, hybrid, latex, foam, and airbed. Understanding the basics of each is a good foundation for searching for the best mattress for you.

Bed in a box mattress brands come in two models, foam or hybrid. The foam gives you a sinking-in, pressure-relieving feeling, while hybrid mattresses have a bouncier feel. Other unique features like a relaxed feel also influence the choice of the best mattress for you. Knowing the kind of sleeper you are and your body type can also help in your bed shopping guide. Lightweight people and side sleepers need softer mattresses, while stomach sleepers and people with heavier bodies need something firmer. Choosing the best mattress for you requires you to stay within your budget. You can consider the best cheap queen size mattress, but this does not mean you have to settle.

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Because of all the sales at Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day, those are the most popular times of the year to buy any kind of furniture. If you know you are going to need a new mattress, you may want to hold off (if you can) until those times of the year. Picking the right mattress is a big deal. Most people spend at least 30% of their full lives in bed so you want to make that a good place to be. If buying a mattress is on your to do list, you might need some mattress tips to find the right one.

  1. Try them out for more than 30 seconds. You are going to spend a lot of time on this mattress. One of the best mattress tips is to spend some time on the mattresses you are considering buying. If you are also planning to buy a new pillow, you should try the pillow out at the same time as you give the mattress a test spin. If you are going to stay with the pillows you already have, bring them with you to the store. You want to simulate the experience you will have on the mattress at home as much as you can while you are at the store. Stay on for a few minutes and think about how it feels. Make sure the mattress provides you enough support. If you are married or have a partner, they should also try out the mattress before you buy it.
  2. Do some research. There are many types of mattresses so look online and see what each is like. You should look into the memory foam vs. spring mattress. You might want to consider an adjustable bed or a sleep member bed. The more information you have before you look at furniture stores, the better your experience will be. This is one of the more crucial mattress tips.
  3. Ask your physician. If you have any issues with your spine (or other injuries), you should have a chat with your medical provider(s) about what kind of back they would recommend. They know your personal medical issues and probably have experience making these kinds of recommendations. Pain is one of the most common causes of insomnia across the planet.
  4. Let your body tell you how “soft” or “firm” the mattress is. Some may say one or the other but not feel it to you when you are laying on it. Go with what your body is telling you. The label is just that, a label. Often people think that they need a firm mattress for a bad back but that is not true. Spine experts say that medium firm mattresses work better for a lot of people who have troubles with their back.There is no “one size fits all” option with mattresses so just trust yourself and any mattress firmness comparison is fairly arbitrary.
  5. Ask the furniture stores about their warranty and their guarantee. If you get the mattress home and it falls apart immediately, what will your store do for you? How long can the guarantee you will love the mattress. You do not want to buy a new mattress only to have it lose its comfort level a month later.
  6. Measure everything. When you are planning the furniture in a room, make sure you measure the room and the beds you are looking at before you buy anything. It may be hard to envision how that bed will look in your home and you can avoid the hassle of returning it right away if it does not fit your room.

The furniture business is huge in the United States. In 2013, the industry added about $101.4 billion. This means if you follow these mattress tips and do some research into what the best mattresses are for you, you should have no problem funding one that you really like and allows you to get your beauty sleep. Keep in mind that while there is not set in stone rule for when to replace a mattress, they do not last forever. Some last for five years, others for 10. Pay attention to your quality of sleep to decide when you need a new one.

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