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5 Reasons You Need a Professional Office Cleaning Service

Did you know that a clean office environment not only makes it safer to work in but also boosts employee productivity and morale? Hiring a professional office cleaning service gives clients and investors the impression of a well-organized business that pays attention to detail.

A clean office environment means fewer sick days taken by staff, better ventilation, less time wasted looking for important documents or items, and happier, more productive staff.

What is included in janitorial services? Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen and washrooms, dusting, wiping the desks, chairs, cabinets, and shelves, vacuuming the carpets, mopping floors, and emptying the trash cans.

An office spring cleaning checklist includes shredding unwanted paper, removing unwanted files and stationery, cleaning the computer by removing unwanted files and emails, deep cleaning the carpet, cleaning the cabinet and desk drawers, and cleaning the windows.

General office cleaning involves cleaning surfaces, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing commonly touched areas such as light switches. A full service janitorial has a wider range of cleaning chores, such as cleaning carpets and windows, and hard-to-reach areas.

Get quotes from reputed office cleaning companies that offer a wide range of cleaning services. They must have trained and trustworthy employees because they’ll have access to your premises.

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Having a clean, tidy, and well-kept office space is important to the functioning of any business. Achieving that level of cleanliness, however, requires the skill of professionals. Many businesses, after too many failed attempts at executing a strategy to share the work amongst all employees, realize that finding an affordable office cleaning service is a must for their workspace. Beyond just the obvious, however, hiring an affordable office cleaning service can have some major benefits for your business. To learn more, check out the list below of 5 benefits an affordable office cleaning service can bring to your company.
1) Keep a Healthy Work Force People can be kind of gross. Seriously. More than 1/3 of people own up to clipping their nails while at the office. 45% of workers have seen one of their peers leave the bathroom without washing their hands. Plus, 22% of office works claim to regularly see another employee cough or sneeze or yawn without bothering to cover their mouth. Not only are these things generally not hygiene friendly, but they can also lead to the spread of disease. A cleaning service can help make sure that your employees aren’t missing work because the non-hand washer got everyone sick.

2) Get the Most for Your Money Almost 70% of employees think that a cleaner work environment makes themselves and their peers more productive. Having cluttered surroundings or wondering about what might be growing in the refrigerator can distract employees and cut into your bottom line.
3) Avoid Watercooler Gossip This one may be the most unexpected, but using commercial cleaning and janitorial services may actually cut down on employee gossip. Remember those nail clippers and uncovered sneezers mentioned earlier? If there are no nail trimmings left on carpets for employees to blame on one another, they may just spend more time talking about their upcoming projects than their distaste for the employee who hasn’t cleaned their desk in months.
4) Be Ready to Impress When you get a surprise email that an important guest will be visiting soon, you don’t want to have to worry about getting any cleaning done. Your focus should be on the quality of your work-not the cleanliness of your office space. Hiring an affordable cleaning service can help you rest assured you are always ready to impress.

5) Brighten Your Mood Have you ever noticed how it just feels better to be in a clean room? Or how climbing into a freshly made bed is the best feeling in the world? Walking into an office each morning that has been cleaned by professionals is like getting that feeling every single morning.
Hiring an affordable office cleaning service is clearly in the best interest of your company, its employees, and everyone who visits your work space. You will come to love all of the benefits of having a professionally maintained office, and your employees will certainly share their relief at no longer having to hide out when it is their turn to vacuum.

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