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3 Reasons You Should Hire Consistent Office Cleaning Services

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A clean work environment is just as important as a clean house no matter the business. While many people hire maid services for their homes, many times small business owners neglect office cleaning services for one reason or another. A tight budget or forgetfulness is no excuse though. Here are three reasons why every company regardless of size should invest in consistent office cleaning services.

    1.) Increase Productivity: Not wanting to spend the money is the most ridiculous reason for skimping on custom cleaning services. There’s an 80% reduced chance of employees catching the common cold or flu in a clean office. Overall, estimates suggest that regular office cleaning services can reduce absenteeism by 46%. If your employees are always sick that’s time they’re not in the office doing work. On top of that, cognitive skills can be negatively affected by 2 to 6% from dust exposure.

    2.) Dangerous Chemicals: Some office do the cleaning themselves to save money while retaining the aforementioned productivity benefits. While this might seem like a reasonable idea, it can actually have detrimental results. There are more than 150 toxic chemicals linked directly to cancer that are left after home cleaning products are used. Professional office cleaning services on the other hand have substances and techniques that allow them to more thoroughly and safely do their job.

    3.) Professional Appearance: Every business should be concerned about the everyday cleaning of their work space if for no other reason than to maintain a professional appearance. The last thing you want is for a potential client or business partner to visit your office and be disgusted by the condition. The little stuff adds up quick if you don’t have consistent service staying on top of it so once-a-year spring cleaning isn’t going to cut it. Do yourself and your employees a favor and invest in professional office cleaning services year round.

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