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In the United States, agricultural production land has been a staple in the country for centuries. It?s one of the oldest traditions and oldest industries in the country and no matter how much technological advancement we see in the world today, it seems like agricultural production is not going anywhere.

You can find excellent land all over the country to begin a career in the agro industry ? which brings in about $2 trillion of real estate value to the U.S. economy. East coast equestrian property for sale, west coast equestrian property for sale, cattle ranches for sale, luxury farmland for sale, and many other pieces of land.

Although there are beautiful pieces of land all over the country, it?s extremely important to know what you?re buying when it comes to land. Working with experienced and professional real estate agents who are knowledgeable on every aspect of property buying can help prevent horrible situations down the line.

At Porter Ranch in California, the ranch owners were not that lucky.

According to PS Mag.com, the Ranch fell victim to the largest methane gas leak in the history of the United States. It has finally ended after four months of constant gas leakage, damaging an extensive amount of property on the ranch.

Residents of the ranch were unaware of the gas being stored in such close proximity to the ranch, and they are ? understandably so ? not too happy with the events of the last few months.

?Justice here isn?t just financial,? Jennifer Krowne, who is now forced to stay 30-minutes away in a hotel, said. ?Shut down the facility. Just get rid of it. The gas company has been irresponsible, and hurt a lot of people and disrupted lots of lives. And for what? The big dollar. They could?ve shut it down and re-opened the facility once they figured it out, but they chose to carry on in their merry way because none of the executives lived in the area.?

The real estate agents for Porter Ranch should have notified the residents about the potential for a gas leak but there is a chance they were unaware of it in the first place.

That?s why it?s extremely important to do enough research and consult with experienced professional real estate agents. It doesn?t matter if you?re looking for equestrian property for sale or a luxury ranch in California, something can always go wrong. Consult with professionals to avoid any issues. Good references here.