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Why You Should Donate Your Gently Used Clothes To Red Cross This Spring

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Spring is in the air. The rains are starting to glide over the hills and the flowers are beginning to bloom. What does this mean for you and charity organizations? Well, spring cleaning can be more than just tossing out a few boxes in the garage. It can be a fantastic way of contributing to your economy, helping out your community and even saving a few bucks when tax season rolls around. Red Cross clothing pickup services help everyday people donate their gently used clothes to charity, with the addition of cleaning up the environment and putting a little back into your wallet.

How Can I Help The Economy?

Let’s look into how a clothing donation center beefs up the local economy. Studies have shown over 70% of people in the United States will give to charity on a yearly basis, which can be as simple as donating a pair of shoes that no longer fit you to an entire bag’s worth of clothes that’ll be better in some else’s hands. Although clothes can be easily recycled due to their useful materials, like cotton and spandex, landfills get higher by the day. When you donate, you curb the trend on harmful environmental waste and give good materials back into the hands of those who need it.

How Can I Help My Community?

Are you interested in helping your community? Red Cross pickup services have you and your neighbors covered. Americans consume up to 20 billion garments every single year. How much is that per person? Estimates show 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes. Put even simpler, that’s one piece of new or gently used clothing purchased every week. A recent study showed over 60% of high net worth donors citing ‘giving back to the community’ as a major motivation for donating gently used clothes. With thrift shops filled to the brim with selections, everyone from families to students have more options to choose from.

How Can I Save Money?

Everyone wants to save a little green once the green season rolls around. When you donate a pair of jeans or a bag full of shirts, you can put that charitable donation toward your next tax return. Tax-deductible donations of both clothing and household items collected by charitable organizations are put back into the community, giving countless people affordable and gently-used fashion items to put into their own lives. Remember to keep your receipt, no matter the price, so you can properly record your donation when it’s time to file.

How Do Red Cross Clothing Pickup Services Work?

If your schedule is packed with obligations and you can’t squeeze in a trip to your local American Red Cross center, you can always request Red Cross clothing pickup services. Simply give them easy-to-follow directions to your place of residence as well as a location to pick up your clothes — this can be a bag or a box, whatever your style. The services are free and your clothes will be recycled and re-purposed back into your community.

How Do I Get Started?

Spring cleaning is a matter of just getting started. Open up your closet and look for any gently used clothes you haven’t worn in the past six months, even if you really like them — the definition of gently used for most charities are no burns, holes or tears. The American Red Cross provides relief for families all across the country 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, with your donation giving them the resources they need to keep others going strong. Even better, you can record your charitable donation when tax season rolls around and save a little for next year. Feeling especially thrifty? Consider used clothing donations with Red Cross clothing pickup services as your next spring fling!

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