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Why an Electric Adjustable Bed May Be the Ticket to Marital Bliss

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Jan and Bryan had a pretty functional relationship. They communicated well, enjoyed each other’s company, and loved co-parenting their kids. There had always been one thing, however, that kept them up at night. That very literal one thing was their troubles sharing a bed. When Jan was hot, Bryan was cold. Bryan complained that Jan was constantly tossing and turning, while Jan was certain that no other human was capable of snoring as loudly as Bryan. They had tried many things over the years from ear plugs to sleeping pills, but Bryan often ended up on the couch to allow them both the chance to get some shut eye. Although this arrangement let them get sleep, it wasn’t working for either of them. Bryan decided enough was enough and it was time to really invest in their sleep by looking into electric adjustable beds.
Bryan and Jan went shopping together to find the perfect electric adjustable bed for them. They learned some interesting things along the way. It turns out that Jan was probably constantly tossing and turning because it was her body’s way to respond to her sleeping in uncomfortable positions. Better yet, electric adjustable beds may be able to help because it allows for thousands of comfortable positions for sleeping or lounging. All those different positions may also mean an adjustable mattress may let Bryan get some more comfortable sleep as well.
What they did not expect to find when shopping for electric adjustable beds was that among the many available options for their electric bed was the ability to add optional heat or massage. Those features would not only help them find a comfortable temperature, but also make them feel like they had an in-home masseuse. Since chronic pain is often associated with poor sleep or insomnia, the idea of that massage feature seemed like a truly necessary upgrade.
After all was said and done, Bryan and Jan decided to bring home a king sized adjustable bed. After years of ongoing strife about their sleep incompatibility, they were happy they could so easily agree on this. After the bed was delivered, new sheets in Jan’s favorite color were put on, and it was positioned in the exact right spot, Jan and Bryan had an important realization. Their adjustable electric bed may not only save their bodies from some aches and paints, but it just may have helped save their marriage, too.

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