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When to Hire a Maid Service

Keeping a house or a small office clean is quite important. After all, a homeowner may feel sloppy and unhappy if they live in a dirty home, and women in particular base their happiness of their home based on how clean it is. A smaller office should also be kept clear of dirt in the carpet and on various surfaces, and this can make office workers more productive and healthy. In fact, a dirty office is not just smelly or unpleasant; it can cut into productivity. Dirty air ducts, carpets, or door handles and counters can spread disease fast. Workers who get lung issues or allergies from airborne particles, or workers who contract the cold and flu from open surfaces, may have to call in sick. Managers don’t want the office’s productivity to suffer because workers are calling in sick, so same-day maid services can be called. A same-day maid service can also be hired to take care of a person’s private home, and dependable house cleaning can go a long way. Apartment cleaning and vacation home cleaning may be done with house cleaning services as well. When is it time to hire same-day maid services? What can same-day maid services do?

The Dirt

What sort of messes and grime are same-day maid services being hired to clean up in houses or offices? Often, the carpet is what’s dirtiest. Dust, dirt, germs, food and drink spills, and more may end up in a carpet, and carpets can soak up a surprising amount of filth. This can contribute to high allergy rates or large amounts of VOCs being released into the air and a bad carpet can make any home or room unpleasant. Many Americans agree with this sentiment, but not all of them get the necessary work done. Fully 84% of Americans agree that clean carpets are necessary for having a clean home, but often, home carpet cleaning falls short. In fact, some 22% of Americans think that their home’s carpet is dirtier than the toilet seat. An everyday vacuum cleaner can remove particles, but sometimes, deep cleaning is necessary. Only about 55% of Americans clean their carpets as much as the EPA recommends, which is about once every six months or so. Dirty carpets can be a hazard, and they may make lung-based problems worse, especially for babies.

What about an office? Not only will a small office get dirty carpets like a home will, but many people are sharing that space, and they are touching surfaces such as doorknobs and counters. As mentioned above, dirt and germs in the office can lower productivity levels, as employees are real people with real health needs. A lot of money may be on the line, so studies have been done to see what kind of impact that dirt and germs can have on office workers.

The results speak for themselves. Dust and other airborne particles can reduce a worker’s cognitive functions by as much as 2-6%, and studies done in the United States and abroad have confirmed this. Some may be shocked to hear it, but air quality has a very real impact on the mental function of someone who’s breathing it all during work. What is more, employees who work in a properly cleaned office have an 80% lower chance of contracting the common cold or influenza at work, and this can reduce the number of sick days being requested. That, in turn, can help boost workplace productivity and keep the office running more smoothly. Regular cleaning can reduce absenteeism by as much as 46%, and that is not something for managers to ignore.

Clean It

Local same-day maid services or other maid services can be sought out by a motel owner, a small office manager, or even a homeowner. A homeowner, for example, may be busy with work or travel and not be available for their own cleaning work. Maids can vacuum carpets and perform deep cleaning regularly to remove all dirt, germs, and filth that they possibly can. Maids can also dust off various surfaces, and they can wipe and clean doorknobs and handles, counter tops, desks, and more. This keeps the surfaces looking nice and kills off any germs or viruses that can spread illness at an office or motel.

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