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What’s the Advantage of Living in a Water-Side Community?

Most people dream of being homeowners. When you’ve been fantasizing about a luxury, thinking about custom homes, or just hoping to find the right neighborhood to live in, it’s a good idea to consider buying or building in a water-side community. Houses in a water-side community are very often considered to luxury homes, and you can experience a very high quality of life in one of these neighborhoods.

Why Choose a Water-Side Community?

The phrase “dream home” is common because owning a home is such a common dream. Almost everyone thinks about having their own space, a place to call their own. When you’re a homeowner, you can decorate your home with the colors and furnishings that reflect who you are. Your home tells people something about you every time they see it, everywhere they go. The fabrics you choose, the knickknacks you put out, the art you choose to display, it all says something about who you are and how you present yourself to the world. Your home is truly your own, and it’s going to look an feel like you. That’s why you owe it to yourself to have the best home possible, in a neighborhood that’s the best possible place for you to live.

Remember, a home is more than just how many rooms it has and the landscaping you put around it outside. A home is part of a community. That’s why picking the right location and the right neighborhood is so essential. When you choose a water-side community, you get a whole lot more than homeowners who live in more typical neighborhoods.

A water-side community is going to offer a lot more amenities than any typical neighborhood. Sometimes, these neighborhoods have their own dock that allows residents to part their boats and watercraft right there by their homes. A neighborhood on the water is always going to have amazing views of the water and sky. Water often attracts ducks, birds, and other wildlife, which many people consider to be a perk. Even in urban areas, water can attract some animals. Water also has a cooling effect. Often, a community built on the water will be a few degrees cooler than neighborhoods that are farther inland. Home gardeners find that a water-side community often has extremely rich soil, too. This allows landscaping and garden projects to thrive.

Luxury Homes on the Water

Because of the great views and many perks associated with a water-side community, these neighborhoods are usually filled with luxury homes and custom homes. Custom-built homes and luxury townhomes are filled with high-end features and architectural details, such as crown molding and fireplaces. Luxury homes have custom cabinets, stone counters, hardwood floors, tile, and all those little extras and perks that set high-end homes apart. Custom homes in a water-side community will often have big windows and outdoor living spaces that allow homeowners to take advantage of the nearby water.

Over the next 10 years, millennials are going to form 23 million brand-new households, according to the Harvaraboutd Joint Center for Housing studies. Younger people are buying real estate, and they’re looking to fulfill some real estate dreams. Zillow research shows that 83 percent of all buyers are looking to purchase a single-family home. Data fro the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 612,000 new construction homes were sold in 2017.

People are buying homes, and they’re looking for houses that have the amenities and luxuries they want. Think about shopping for your home in a water-side community, and think about not just the home you want, but the lifestyle you want.

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