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What to Expect When Buying a New Home

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Owning a home of their own is one of many people’s goals in life. And with good reason. To own a piece of property that is yours and where you can grow and live happily seems to be a basic need for most people. Yet, when buying a new house, many people can find themselves stuck at the very first step. How does one start on the road to purchasing a home for sale?

Around 32% of people in the market to purchase new homes are those who have never owned a home. First time buyers can experience a lot of stress when buying their first home. They want to have a place they are comfortable and happy in, that’s also affordable, in a town or city they like, in a timely manner and try and have it done with relative ease. But that all does not come easily. Finding out where to begin presents the first hurdle to overcome. Around 42% of first time buyers search for properties online, while an estimated 14% contacted a real estate agent first. Both can be essential sources of information when buying a home. 82% of buyers found online sources to be an very useful tool for information, and around 78% found their realtor the same way. Both can give great insight to the in’s and out’s of purchasing a new home, answering any questions you may have or concerns that may be on your mind.

Impatiences, unfortunately, is also a thing that can settle in. Everyone wants to get this grueling process over with, and get on to moving in to their new home and relaxing, but it can end up being quite the process. Ten weeks is usually the standard time for buyers, with around ten homes looked at by each. If you’re going through a real estate agent, it is their job to try and find the house that meets your qualifications, though it may take some time. Patience is encouraged during this huge transition in your life.

The details of your new home are also important. You want to make sure that it has everything you want. If it doesn’t, you want to make sure you might be able to change that. At minimum, 60% of buyers have stated they would happily pay more for amenities such as central air conditioning, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, or new kitchen appliances if the house they’re looking at does not come with them. 40% of buyers stated that would spend additional money for a fireplace, should one not already be present. It is important to keep these wants in mind and tell your real estate agent what you’d like in your new home, so that they might seek out a house with those qualifications for you.

Buying a new home, especially for a first time buyer, can be intimidating. It’s important to be patient and know precisely what you want in your home, so that your local real estate agent may best suit your needs for your first real home.

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