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What Every Parent Needs To Know Before Sending Their Child To Public School

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As parents we all want the very best for our children. We want to see them living the best life possible now, as well as to set them up for a good life in the future.

I am sure one thing all parents can agree on is that it is extremely important for their children to get a thorough education. The question arises though as to what the best method is for getting an education.

There may be different preferences due to personalities and circumstances, however statistics speak for themselves. And statistics clearly show the benefits of private school education.

Why Private School?

It is reported that over 80 percent of parents who choose private schools were very satisfied with the high academic standards. There are good reasons for this.

    Smaller Class Size Private schools generally have less students than public schools do, in fact over 80 percent of private schools have less than 300 students. This enables them to keep the classes small, with approximately 12.5 students for each teacher compared to the 15.4 students per teacher in most public schools. Private high schools average less than half of the number of students found in public high schools.

    Less students per class means that your children will receive more attention and direct help from their teacher. Whether in preschool, middle school, or high school this will be beneficial for your child.

    Higher SAT Scores Another one of the benefits of private school education can be seen in the statistics for SAT?s. The national average SAT scores were 497 in reading, 514 in math, and 489 in writing. But students that attended private schools scored an average of 541, 579, and 550 on their SAT?s.

    The benefits of private school can even be seen in preschool. Three separate studies have shown that 80% of children who participated in high-quality early care and education programs in preschool outperformed their peers who did not.

    Better Chance of Attending Top Colleges Not only do young ones that attend private high school have a higher chance of graduating, they also have a better chance of going on to get a college education.

    A Focus on Safety The safety of our children is obviously of utmost concern. On average public schools have more safety precautions in place than public schools do. The majority, over 70 percent, of parents strongly agree to feeling their child was safe.

    Dedicated Educators Yet another one of the benefits of private school education can be found in the quality of educators that are employed. One study done by the Fraser Institute states that over 90 percent of parents surveyed said the dedication of the teachers was their primary reason for choosing to send their children to private schools.

As a parent you understandably want to set your little ones up for the best life possible. There are clearly some real benefits of private school education.

If you are still mulling over what type of education to choose, here are few things to remember private schools have less students, smaller classes, higher SAT scores, a higher rate of graduating and going to college, they are safer, and employ dedicated teachers.

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