What Are Some Activities to do With Your Infants?

Are you a new parent and are wondering what some activities for infants are? Are you wondering what you can do to have fun with your child and help them grow properly? In this video, an expert goes over some great activities that you can do with your infant that are both safe and fun for the both of you.

Talking with your infant can be really fun. Even if they don’t understand what you are saying, they will be smiling at you and giggling. Smile and giggle back at them and start those conversations and see what they do to respond.

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It can be really cute and can improve your relationship just from the beginning.

Another great activity you can do is show her images and pictures. These pictures can be of anything, but you can help her focus on the image and allow her to slowly follow it around as you move it throughout her line of vision. You can use different kinds of images for this activity.

Watch this entire video to see all of the great activities you can do with your child when they are a newborn or an infant.


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