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Three Popular Luxury Home Features That’ll Make the Neighbors Jealous

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Opting for luxury custom homes is something that more and more potential homeowners are doing, since they offer the prefect home at the right price, and can actually be an investment as well as save the homeowner money down the road. The best part of buying a custom home is dreaming up the features and amenities that are going to become part of the reality of the home. Working with luxury house builders to stay on budget and in line with what’s possible is important, but when it comes to designer home plans, the sky is pretty much the limit. Here are three luxury home features that are sure to make the neighbors jealous.

1. An Outdoor Kitchen
A popular amenity in custom homes these days is an outdoor kitchen, complete with dining space. This includes a stove top range, an oven, and in some cases a brick oven for pizza. If your outdoor area is a little lacking or you have a preference for entertaining outside, this could be a good option for you and your home. And there’s no better excuse to throw a party than to take the kitchen for a test run.

2. Green-ifying
For the more eco-conscious homeowner, working with luxury house builders to make a home as green as possible is another trend in luxury home designs. This means opting for designated refrigerators, energy-efficient toilets, and making sure the home is weatherized are all essential steps for making sure that the home will run efficiently — not to mention decrease utility bills.

3. A Really Awesome Pool
The outside of a home is just as important as the interior when it comes to designer home plans. A huge trend in luxury amenities these days is a pool but not just any pool. Any homeowner can buy a pool, but infinity pools take things to the next level. These types of pools are designed in a way that gives the illusion that the pool goes on forever — either into an existing body of water (if you’re oceanfront) or just indefinitely.

Do your custom home plans feature any of these amenities? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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