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Three Considerations to Make When Deciding to Remodel a Home and Not Sure Where to Start

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Many homeowners are unsure about what to remodel first with their home. Perhaps they are expanding their family, or maybe they feel they need to do some fixing-up with their home before it will be considered to be in sellable condition. Here are three areas to consider updating or home remodeling to make a home more profitable when it comes it sales. These are also the rooms that most individuals say they get the greatest enjoyment from after they have remodeled them.

Remodeling the Master Bathroom Can Increase Value and be Useful for Current Homeowners

Over 55% of individuals have said that the master bathroom was one of the major areas that they wanted to change. This is because many homeowners are willing to pay more for home remodeling when they have benefits such as a larger tub or improved shower space. Custom home builders can assist individuals with planning changes to a bathroom, and making it more comfortable and enjoyable for the individual. Over 40% of people say they would like to own a home that has more than one bathroom, so this encourages homeowners who want to sell to find extra space where they can add an additional room. Home builders can advise what rooms would work best as a bathroom, or what changes to make, such as how large of a tub should be added, or advise homeowners about adding certain lighting. By ensuring that a bathroom is up-to-date, and includes extra amenities, homeowners will have an easier time selling the house, especially if there are extras such as a master bathroom, since many people value privacy and would like to have a bathroom they don?t share with other family members.

Kitchen Remodeling is Popular for Individuals Who Want to Provide Extra Room or Have an Open Concept Kitchen

For individuals who do not want to have a traditional kitchen, and would favor an open concept kitchen, home remodeling is an easy way to make guests and family feel more connected to the kitchen. Over 60% of homes that undergo home remodeling focus on the kitchen, since this is a major selling point for those who are looking to unload their house, and it is a major area that many people spend a great deal of time in, even if they do not frequently entertain in their house. Having an updated kitchen can mean putting an island in, adding a second sink, and the installation of new cabinets and other appliances that most people would find handy, such as a dishwasher.

Removing Carpeting for the Installation of Hardwood Floors is a Popular Choice in Home Remodeling

One of the final things that many people tend to do when doing home remodeling is getting rid of carpet in favor of hardwood flooring. Many new home builders like to put hardwood floors into homes they have created. However, individuals who currently have carpet, often find it easier to clean and maintain hardwood floors. This is because they do not stain as easily as carpet, are much easier to clean, and can cut down on the amount of allergens within a person?s home. For those that have problems with mold and dust, this can make their lives a great deal easier to deal with, since they do not have to worry about constantly cleaning them, or replacing the carpet, which can be helpful, but also costly. Homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell too, making it that much more easier for homeowners to sell when they are ready to move.

There are many considerations to make when doing home remodeling. Choosing to add features to a bathroom, or even having a second bathroom, is a highly desirable feature that will also sell quickly. Many people like to remodel their kitchens too, since open concept kitchens are popular and can make family members and guests feel involved at meal times. Finally, getting rid of carpeting throughout the house and replacing it with hardwood floors is popular for selling, and also helpful for those that have allergies and do not want to keep replacing carpeting in their home.

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