The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpeting is the most difficult flooring to clean. It takes more than just a weekly vacuuming to get all of the dirt and germs out of your carpet. To have a clean and sanitary carpet, you need to have proper carpet cleaning done a few times a year. You need to clean it even more if you have pets.

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There are five different carpet cleaning methods. Four out of the five are strictly maintenance cleanings. Some of the methods overlap, but there are slight differences. First, you can clean your carpet with a dry compound. It’s a dry powder in a bad that gets sprinkled on the carpeting. Then, you just vacuum it up. It’s not a very aggressive method.

The next method is where you use shampoo. You use a product on the carpet and you scrub it in. Once it’s dry, you vacuum the carpet. What really matters is what products are in the cleaner. Restorative carpet cleaning is called hot water extraction but it is often called steam cleaning. You might not want to get this done as often as maintenance carpet cleaning methods, but it is the most effective. To learn about the other methods, please watch the video.


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