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Taking A Much Closer Look Into Considerations For Finding The Right Childcare

Having your child in some kind of preschool or even summer camp program has become more essential than ever, no matter where you might look all throughout the United States. After all, more parents are entering the workforce than ever before. Recent data even suggests that only about one third of all kids today have a parent that stays home with them full time – especially once they reach the age of going back to school. Parents are joining the workforce for a number of reasons, from passion for a career to simple financial necessity.

Enrollment rates at preschools throughout the country very much back up this point. After all, the year of 2017 showed that more than 86% of all five year olds, if not in kindergarten, were in some type of preschool program. In addition to this, up to 68% of all four year olds are also enrolled in various preschool programs all throughout the country. And preschools certainly come in all shapes and sizes, making it relatively easy to find the preschool that will suit your needs.

Private preschools, for instance, are more common than ever before. The average private preschool is likely to have religious ties, as can be seen in more three quarters of all private preschools on a countrywide basis. Private schools in general, including private preschools, have become more popular than ever, servicing more than five and a half million kids each and every year – and that’s just data representative of the United States.

In many cases, private schools like private preschools simply have more resources to give to the children that attend them, as the class sizes are often quite a bit smaller. For parents who want to ensure that their child gets a well rounded religious education as well, private preschools are also, in many ways, a must. Therefore, the role that private preschools and other private schools play is certainly not one that should be underestimated by any means.

Of course, your child will eventually reach the age of attending school, either a private one or even a good public school in the area. After this point, they will be no longer eligible to attend any of the preschools, private preschools and public preschools alike, in the area. For working parents, this can be difficult during the summer months, when they still have to go to work regardless of the fact that their child or children is no longer in the care of the school each and every day of the working week.

Summer camp can be a true life saver for such parents, as it gives them the peace of mind to know that their child or children are well cared for. And summer camp can be a great experience for so many, as summer camp for kids leaves more than 90% of them (around 92% of all kids who attend summer camp, to be just a bit more specific) feeling an improved sense of self confidence and even sense of self after the summer camp program in question has come to a close.

It is also important to note that summer camp can help to teach your child an important set of skills. For instance, swimming is a hugely important skill for children of all ages. For the up to 11 million kids who attend summer camp on a yearly basis, learning how to swim becomes par for the course if they don’t already know how. This can keep them safe from accidental drowning, which has actually become the second leading cause of accidental death for young children, and one that can happen almost silently and in the presence of others – something that makes it even more terrifying for so many parents. Giving them this skill can be critical to their safety, particularly in early childhood, when they are most susceptible to drowning than at any other point in their lives.

From summer camp to preschools both private and public, there are many safe places for children to be while their parents work. At such places they can not only stay safe, but learn and grow a great deal as well.

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