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Studio Apartments And One-Bedrooms Are The Most Popular Rentals Today How Come?

Finding a happy balance between a nice apartment and the perfect place for your pet can be a bit of an uphill battle.

One apartment complex has great prices and a nice location…but it doesn’t accept dogs! Another is a little further out of your way, but it also accepts pets and is next to the dog park. What to do? Pet friendly apartments may take a little work, but they’re well worth the effort. Searching for rental properties that fit your lifestyle hasn’t changed all that much from the old days, right down to cross-referencing properties and comparing amenities.

When you’re shopping around in Vermont it helps to have a little knowledge in your back pocket to get you over this hurdle. Here’s what you should know when looking for pet friendly apartments.

Did You Know?

Pet friendly departments are in high demand. It’s estimated there are over 75 million pet dogs in the United States (more than any other country) and any apartment that fails to acknowledge this can risk losing out on tenants. According to the American Pet Products Association nearly 45% of all households have a dog, while another 35% have at least one cat. Whether you’ve got one hound to keep you company or five felines in need of some wiggle room, there are options available if you just know where to look.

The Increase In Moving Trends

People are moving more and more often. The average American will move around 12 times in their lifetime, for starters, and one study found people are renting more now than at any other point in the past 50 years. Millennials, in particular, are the most likely of all age groups to rent. Back in 2016 around 65% of households headed by young adults were renting. Apartments that are close to grocery stores and downtown locations are coveted for their convenience, while pet friendly apartments are particularly popular for multiple demographics.

Most Popular Apartments

Which apartments take the cake? According to Forbes, studios and one-bedroom apartments now comprise around 55% of the apartment rental market due to Millennial demand. They’re more cost-effective and easier to maintain, both a huge plus with a generation that’s finding itself further on the receiving end of an economy on the decline. Even if you’ve been through five apartments in the past five years, there are still a few useful tips you can take advantage of to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hard-earned cash.

Simple Tips When Moving

When moving to a new place you have to keep a few things in mind. You have your budget, which shouldn’t be stretched too thin, and you also have the amenities that will make your life easier. What else? It’s helpful to consider your location. Are you moving for school-related reasons or do you just want to get out of your city and experience something new for once? This can save you some serious money driving or commuting back-and-forth. When you want rental properties that are just as beautiful as they are convenient, Vermont is the place to be.

The Appeal Of Vermont

There’s a reason why Vermont is seeing a boost in new rentals. It’s a beautiful example of the best the East Coast has to offer, with lovely landscapes and easy proximity to New York and Massachusetts. It’s estimated Vermont’s population will break 650,000 by the time 2020 rolls around, with Burlington remains Vermont’s biggest city with a population of 42,000. If you want a happy balance between crisp weather, convenient locations and a thriving local culture, you won’t go wrong digging around for pet friendly apartments in the Green Mountain State.

It can seem like an impossible feat getting everything you need in one package. Apartments in Burlington Vermont will more than have you covered.

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