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Sleep Better with Organic Sheet Sets

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Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to overall health. You need sleep to feel alert and productive. You need plenty of rest to focus on your mind on the things you need to get done. How to get a better night?s sleep is a major concern for a lot of people, and a simple internet search will reveal hundreds of articles offering all sorts of advice and tips on better sleep.

These sleep advice articles cover everything from the position you sleep in to whether your alarm has red numbers or blue numbers. Many of them, however, miss a very simple thing you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. Making yourself more comfortable when you go to bed will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Switching to linen sheets can dramatically improve your comfort level when going to bed and throughout the night. An organic linen sheet set will provide more comfort by helping to control body temperature while also providing a delicately smooth sleep surface.

People that live in hot regions of the world often wear clothes made from linen. This isn?t intended to be a fashion statement. Rather, they have found that linen fabric stays cool and comfortable regardless of the temperature. Studies show that people wearing linen clothes will sweat 1.5 times less than people wearing cotton clothes and twice as less as people wearing viscose clothes.

Many fabrics like flannel and viscose are not breathable, which causes them to make you feel hotter. Fabrics like cotton, while breathable, hold onto moisture, so when you start sweating, the fabric will stay damp making you uncomfortable.

A linen sheet set will stay cool and keep you cool. Research has shown that people wearing linen clothes had skin temperatures three to four degrees cooler than those wearing cotton clothes. Organic sheet sets aren?t just ideal for the summer months. Just as they will keep you cooler in the summer, they will maintain warmth in the winter.

Aside from the temperature controlling qualities of linen sheets, linen fabric will not collect or build up static electricity. This is due to the flax fibers woven into the fabric. Flax fibers will not hold static electricity, so you don?t have to worry about your sheets making you uncomfortable sticking to your skin or sticking to each other. There is no buildup of static with linen sheets.

Organic sheet sets are also more durable than other sheets and will last longer making them a better value when buying sheets. Linen fabric is significantly stronger than other fabrics. Flax fibers increase in strength by approximately 20% when wet. That means the sheets will keep their shape and comfort level longer. They won?t wear out or get stretched out from washing. They will come out of the laundry with all the same great qualities as when they go into the laundry.

Finally, the more you wash organic sheet sets, the softer they become. That means they get more comfortable with time while maintaining their temperature controlling properties. Organic sheets sets are the best value, the most comfortable, and will keep you at the perfect temperature.

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