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Six Easy Ways to Save Space In Your Dorm

One of the biggest challenges of attending any college or university can be figuring out how to live effectively in the tiny dorm space that you’re allowed. You not only need your dorm as a place to sleep: it needs to be restful and organized enough that you can work there and live there. If you’re struggling to make your dorm into enough of a home, here are some ideas for using home storage products to make the place really yours.

  • Use file dividers to store your pants, dishes, and bakeware. If you’re lucky enough to have a dorm kitchen, it’s probably got a minimum of space. It’s also likely that you’ve just a giant shelf or two you’re supposed to shove everything on. This can get tricky, as piled up pots trays just love to fall. The good news is that simple, and inexpensive, home storage products like file dividers can sit on their sides on that big shelf and hold all those pots. Or, use smaller modular stacking shelves to make one giant, useless shelf into three or four smaller shelves that are easier to organize.
  • Don’t forget those little tension rods. Sold in kitchen and bath areas of your local store, the simple tension rod can be wedged in between any two walls where you want to make space. Have some wasted space behind the door? Throw up a tension rod and use it to hang socks, ties, scarves, towels, or anything else that can be draped over a rod. They can also work for holding those heels in order in your closet if you install them just above the floor.
  • Protect your privacy with some contact paper and a stackable cube organizer. It’s easy to find inexpensive home storage products like stacking plastic bins. One problem with them, though, is that many of them are see-through. The ones that aren’t don’t come in very personalized colors and styles, either. Get some contact paper or just colored paper that reflects your style and matches your room. Use those to line your clear plastic storage cubes and you’ll not only keep people from seeing your stuff, but you’ll also make it easier for you to remember which bin is holding what.
  • Use ice cube trays for holding the small stuff. If you’ve got limited drawer space (and let’s face it: who doesn’t have limited drawer space in a dorm room!) you can maximize the effectiveness of your space while keeping things organized by using ice cube trays. Use them to store earrings, office supplies, or whatever small objects you need to be able to find in when you want them. Bonus: ice cube trays come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • That door shoe organizer can be used for more than just shoes. Over-the-door organizers can hold your snacks, your office supplies, small books and papers, and nearly anything else you can fit in there. It’s a real space saver, and again, these types of home storage products are cheap, easy to find, and come in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Modular storage furniture is a life saver. You never know when you might have to reorganize. With modular stacking shelves or modular cubes you can add on, take away, or rearrange to get the most out of your space.

Life in a dorm room can get a little cramped, but there’s no reason you can’t make it a place that you can live with, and in, during one of the most important times in your life. Before you even get there, check out what home storage products just might help you transform a dormitory into a home.
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