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Simple Ways to Support Our Troops On a Busy Schedule

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Do you think you are too poor to help U.S. soldiers and military families? Do you have too little time? These are excuses. At the end of the day, everyone can give back and show their support — even if it is in small ways. Children of all ages are doing just that, writing letters to show their appreciation of our troops — and hopefully brighten up their day in the process. “Thanks for protecting our country. [You] must be very brave joining the military,” one little girl’s letter begins. “They say a man looks handsome in uniform. My favorite food is chicken wings, and I like to hang out with my friends.”

Why is this important? Because you, too, can contribute to the cause — and without taking much time out of your day or paying too much out of pocket. What are best ways to show your support?

Lend a Hand

Asking for help can be awkward, even if you really need it. Helping military families can be as easy as proactively offering to help out a military spouse with a noticeably busy schedule. One military mom suggests tactfully offering help by drawing up creative coupons good for one night of babysitting, several hours of lawn mowing, or three hours help with errands. Stick the coupons into cards or gift baskets and give them to military husbands or wives on birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

Make A Difference Without Leaving Home

There are a growing number of organizations that pick up donations directly from your home. In other words, you do not have to make the time for an extra trip — or even pay for gas! Other, similar organizations set up communal drop off locations or local donation pick ups. Americans can donate clothes, canned food, and other items from office buildings, schools, grocery stores, churches, and more.

You can help military families and active service members without leaving home. Choose organizations that pick up donations and/or explore creative ways of offering your help. More can be found here.

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