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Seven Benefits Of Choosing Corporate Housing

If you’re a traveling businessman or businesswoman, chances are that you spend a lot more time on the road than you’d like and spent more time in housing that isn’t your own.

If you’re traveling but you’re going to be in one spot for awhile, you want want to consider corporate housing or corporate apartments. Studies have shown that the average length of stay for a corporate housing client is 84 days and the corporate housing industry continues to grow; in fact it experienced its fourth consecutive year of growth in 2016.

So why should you look into corporate apartments or short term furnished apartments? One of the best reasons is that a long hotel stay can mean spending a lot of money. In 2015, the average daily rate of a hotel stay was about $120.01 and it’s safe to say rates have probably gone up a bit since then. So if your company is trying to budget travel expenses or rework the way travel is done, corporate apartments might just be the way to go.

If you need more convincing about why corporate apartments work, here are several benefits to consider:

  • Affordability: As previously mentioned, the cost of a long-term hotel stay can add up very quickly. Furnished apartments and corporate housing is not only more affordable, but in the long run it will probably save companies quite a bit of money. Think about all the costs associated with a hotel stay. Not only are you paying for a room, but you might be paying for room service or laundry costs or even amenities like Internet access. Rather than having all those things stack up on a bill, corporate apartments might be a better option for some of the reasons which will be described below.
  • Kitchen access: One benefit of short-term housing and corporate apartments is the access they offer to full kitchens. Traveling businesspeople who are on the go all the time usually end up eating out frequently and dining in and out of different restaurants. Having a full kitchen allows businesspeople to change things up and buy things to cook for themselves and ultimately eat a little bit healthier than what they might be used to.
  • Laundry: As previously mentioned, laundry costs at a hotel or a laundromat can add up quickly. Corporate apartments usually offer access to a full washer and dryer, which allows them to do laundry without having to go out and it’s another way to save money.
  • Maid service: Hotels offer maid services (though they can be costly), but so do many corporate apartments. This way, cleaning can get done as well as linen changes so that traveling folks can come back to a clean house so to speak.
  • A feeling of home: Traveling all the time can take a toll on even the most experienced businessperson. Even if someone enjoys it, hotels are small, time is spent alone and sometimes—depending on how much a person is working—a hotel simply becomes a place to sleep and shower rather than feeling like any kind of home. Corporate apartments give folks plenty of space and furnishings and a kitchen and other elements that make the apartment feel more like home without actually being there.
  • Proximity to work: Another one of the great benefits of short term corporate housing is that in many cases folks can find housing that’s close to where they are working. This will save folks from spending money on hotels and gas if they’re commuting.
  • Lots of options: Believe it or not, corporate housing comes in many shapes and sizes. You might find corporate apartments or private houses or condos or high-rises just to name a few depending on how much a company will pay or what a businessperson is looking for.

If you travel for work all the time and you’re tired of staying in small, cramped hotels, try looking into corporate housing. There’s lots of options that provide plenty of amenities that make an apartment or a condo feel more like home with things like a full kitchen, a comfortable bed and access to a washer and dryer. Businesspeople will feel more at home and save money in the process.

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