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Senior Apartments Improve Quality Of Life

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Although it may be hard to face, there is a time when you wonder whether or not your elderly parent would be better off in a retirement home or assisted living facility. How can you tell? Some signs to watch for include forgetfulness, not eating, falling, an inability to maintain the order of the home. For instance, are they able to operate household appliances properly? Do they remember to turn the appliances off when they are finished?

What about their social life? Do they have opportunities to socialize with family and friends, or are they isolated from others most of the time? Even if they seem perfectly healthy, loneliness in itself can become a debilitating condition. That?s why senior apartments and adult communities are such a good idea. Elder housing provides opportunities for an active lifestyle in a secure environment. Studies show that the happiest senior citizens engage in three or more activities regularly; those that participate in less activities report greater dissatisfaction. And, in a recent survey, good health was cited as the most important ingredient of a happy retirement by over 80% of respondents. So the combination of health and activity make for a happy senior lifestyle. And this can be provided by retirement facilities.

The average age of retirement is 63, and the population of those over 85 years old is one of the fastest growing segments; according to the Family Caregiver Alliance?s study, there could be an increase of up to 6.2 million people over the age of 85 in the United States by 2050. So options for elder housing have to increase as well. Senior apartments are becoming more and more popular. And it?s easy to see why; life is easier in an adult living community. Things like yard maintenance and home repairs are no longer an issue, they have more time to rest and to spend with family and new friends, and food is prepared for them, with attention paid to their dietary needs. In addition, they feel more secure, knowing that the grounds are guarded.

So if it?s time to face that decision, don?t feel badly. It?s a common situation, and there are excellent options available that will provide better health and quality of life for your loved ones.

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