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Prolonging a Family Can Mean Reduced Fertility Success


In today?s career focused times, women are waiting longer to start families. While this gives the couple more time to excel in careers, become financially stable, and prepare for a family, it does reduce the chances of successful conception. As women get older, their eggs do not work the same. It is much harder for conception to occur. Hormonal changes and early menopause can also prevent the conception from occurring.

High rate of infertility
It seems like infertility rates are increasing. This is likely correlated to the fact that women are not attempting to procreate until they are older, and closer to menopause. Another group of women had their first child during their younger years, and then find it difficult to conceive a second, many years later. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 11% of couples experience secondary infertility, which is defined as a couple with a child being unable to conceive again after a year. This infertility can be harder to evaluate, because a successful conception did occur.

External factors and early menopause
The problem with attempting to plan out your family is that you can never plan for menopause. Menopause comes at different ages for different women. Some women have medical conditions that contribute to an earlier than average menopause. Other women simply have a genetic predisposition to an earlier menopause. Finally, a third group of women may experience early menopause due to external factors. These external factors have little to do with medical conditions or genetic makeups.

Women who have lived through extended periods of economic hardship were also more likely to begin the menopausal physical transition earlier, according to a report published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The good thing about this group of women is that early menopausal hormone treatments seem to be very effective. Bioidentical hormone therapy, sometimes known as anti aging therapy can reverse the effects of early menopause, including infertility.

Early menopause treatment
For women in their 50?s or earlier, just entering menopause, bioidentical hormone therapy is a relatively safe treatment that can be used for up to five years and is not associated with an increased risk of heart disease (although women should still be screened and treated for risk factors, such as high blood pressure and breast cancer). Even if the goal is not to conceive a child, bioidentical hormone therapy can help to minimize the otherwise negative side effects of an early menopause.

Increased fertility for older women
Women that are showing early symptoms of menopause have the ability to reduce their symptoms with bioidentical hormone therapy. A visit to the anti aging clinic can help a women to better understand her infertility options. A series of tests will be taken, including tests to get a better idea of the woman?s blood counts, cervical positioning, and any other factors contributing to the infertility. The spouse may also have to go through a series of tests to better understand the chances of conception. Hormone replacement therapy is just one of the infertility options that may be discussed.

Women often go through an internal struggle throughout the years. Is it better to prolong starting a family to get financially stable and in a prefer career? It is more ideal to get child rearing out of the way first? The decision really belongs to the woman and her spouse. However, choosing to wait can reduce the chances of successful conception. Fortunately, with infertility treatments like bioidentical hormone therapy, women can wait just a little longer.

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