Plumbers Apprentices A Day in the Life

At times, homeowners are away from their homes for long periods and for different reasons. Sometimes for work or the property may be a vacation home.

As shown in the video, the services of a plumber come in handy to ensure the water is running properly, the gas is turned on and the heating is working in advance.

Some plumbers work with an apprentice and have a routine to get everything working. They do not randomly turn on the water and gas.

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The main water valve outside the house is first to be turned on. Then the cold water taps throughout the house are opened to ensure the water is running. Next, the anti-freeze is flushed out of the toilets, and the valves are checked for leaks.

To get the hot water running, the valve to the water heater is opened and the hot water taps are opened. The faucet screens are cleaned out and the washer ran briefly to check the water flow.

The gas valve outside the house is turned on. The air is bled out of the heater until it is running well.

The plumbers do a final check for leakages before leaving.

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