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Own An RV? Here’s Why You Should Keep Your Investment Somewhere Safe


The road is calling. The hot season is coming and that means endless days of fun in the sun, long camping nights with friends and plenty of driving. How’s your storage looking?

…right! You still have plenty to consider on the way between planning out your next great vacation and your return home. A good storage facility can ease your conscious immensely and give you the peace-of-mind necessary to attend to all those obligations clamoring for your attention in time with the changing weather. Not all self storage units are designed the same, however, and what may work out great for one person can be too costly or too large for another. Here are some tips on choosing the best storage facility for your situation so you can enjoy the summer right!

Did You Know?

Let’s see just how many people use storage facilities these days. The United States is home to over 50,000 storage facilities as we know it, which is more than five times the number of Starbucks. One out of every 10 Americans will rent offsite storage, specifically, and some of the most popular options include RV storage and mini storage. The average RV owner today is 50 years old, married and owns a home. With that out of the way, let’s see what storage units for rent can offer you!

Make Sure It Has A Little Extra Room

You don’t want too much room…but you don’t want too little room, either. According to studies provided by the Self Storage Association, there is around seven square feet of storage room for every single man, woman and child in the country. While too much room can cost you money, too little can cause you to pull your hair out in frustration after a change in plans. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association has estimated over nine million households own an RV of some sort.

Choose A Storage Facility Designed For Your Cargo

Not all storage facilities are designed the same! Some people use them strictly for vacation time. Others like somewhere extra safe for their RVs and boats. A recent study found over 25% of households with a two-car garage don’t have room to park a car inside, with another 30% of homes only having room for just one car. When you seek out storage rental ask yourself…is this for your RV over the winter or a one-time thing for your big vacation in the Bahamas?

Double-Check To Avoid Spills Or Break-Ins

The last thing you want to run into after your time away from home is a spill that ruins all your nice things! Storage facilities are designed to be dry, safe and easy-to-use. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth double-checking the value on the unit you chose. There are over 40 million car and RV camping enthusiasts in the country. Coupled with the statistics above, that means more than enough options for you to choose from when it comes time to pack your bags. Make sure locks are tight, doors shut properly and that there are no signs of mold or water build-up when you walk inside!

Invest In A Storage Facility This Year

Not only can you save yourself some stress on your way to a good time, you can even save money. A recent study found out some wonderful benefits that come with investing in a storage facility, with the most prominent being the ease on your wallet. A family of four can save anywhere from 25% to 60% on vacation costs by traveling in an RV, even after factoring in ownership and fuel. Yes, this even includes investing in a storage facility to house all your extra items while you’re out and to cover your RV when you come back.

Self storage units give you the freedom you need to do the things you want. What’s not to like?

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