New House Plumbing Issues

Children need plenty of room to safely move around and play. If you are expecting a child soon, you may need more room than what your current house offers. This is why some families move into slightly bigger houses. However, these houses can also come with a whole new set of problems if you aren’t careful. One are of potential problems comes from the plumbing. People often try to work on the plumbing themselves.

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However, inexperience often results in more problems and costs. In this video, you will learn how to avoid costly issues.

Sometimes people don’t cut the pipes as neatly as they should. The end of a pipe has to be precise to go into the fitting. This causes plenty of hassle, trying to get the pipe to go into place. This can all be avoided with some care and tools. Consider using a miter box to ensure precise cutting. Ratchet cutters also work wonders.

Did you know that steel can actually cause your pipes to leak if it is touching your copper pipes? It causes a reaction known as electrolysis which will damage the piping. This is why it is always best to use copper supports when working with copper pipes.


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